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pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets ultra percale cooling breathable

Whether you suffer from night sweats or just tend to be a hot sleeper, you’ve probably had the unfortunate experience of waking up in a tangle of damp sheets. The good news is you don’t have to suffer this unpleasant circumstance in silence. By investing in the right bedding, you can prevent overheating while improving both the quantity and quality of sleep you’re getting on a nightly basis. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about supplying customers with the highest-quality Egyptian cotton sheets to ensure better rest year round. Keep reading to learn about the connection between temperature and sleep and then invest in some better bedding before the mercury starts to rise.

The Connection Between Coolness and Sleep

Scientists have long known that people sleep better in cooler temperatures. In fact, a study from 2017 reveals that room temperature has a significant effect on sleep, with individuals resting easier in a cool space that’s also dark and quiet. While the ideal setting for the thermostat varies from person to person, in general people sleep best in a room that’s between 65 and 72 degrees F. However hot sleepers and those prone to sweating may need to turn the temperature down a little further. In particular, women in menopause often suffer from night sweats that can be alleviated by lowering the temperature.

Of course, adjusting the thermostat can be easier said than done. Not only is cooling the home expensive if you reside in a warmer climate, but you may find yourself arguing with family members about the best temperature for sleep. Fortunately, choosing the right bedding can have a profound impact on your ability to stay cool and dry all night long. Along with light comforters and cooling pillows, a set of breathable sheets is essential for resting easy.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets ultra percale matte cooling

Choose Natural Fibers

When it comes to the best bedding for hot sleepers, natural fibers are a must. Unlike synthetics and microfibers, which tend to trap heat and moisture, natural fabrics like cotton are known for their breathability. That means air and dampness can pass right through, so you don’t wake up feeling wet.

If you’ve ever shopped for cotton sheets, then you probably know that the options are extensive and varied. However, most bedding experts agree that Egyptian cotton sheets are the best and most comfortable option for sleep. Widely regarded as the gold standard, authentic Egyptian cotton is made from extra-long staple cotton fibers that were hand picked in the Nile River Valley. Exceptionally durable and delightfully soft, Egyptian cotton sheets are also more breathable, making them the best bet for hot sleepers and those with night sweats. As a bonus, Egyptian cotton sheets tend to get more comfortable with time and resist tearing and pilling even after a hundred washes.

It’s worth noting that not every company claiming to offer Egyptian cotton sheets is actually selling the real deal. On the contrary, many less-ethical bedding suppliers try to pass off cotton-blends and synthetics as the real deal. At Pure Parima’s we’re proud to say every sheet set we sell bears the Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval, so you know you’re getting what you paid for.

Opt for Percale Over Sateen

When shopping for Egyptian cotton sheets, you’ll generally encounter two different weave options: percale and sateen. While each of these choices has its advantages, we recommend percale sheets for those sleepers with a tendency to sweat. At once crisp and highly breathable, percale cotton sheets have a looser weave, so more air can pass through. The end result is that the fabric feels light and airy on even the hottest of summer nights.

Get to Know the Ultra Percale Collection

For a percale sheet that’s both exceptionally breathable and aesthetically pleasing, there’s no beating our Ultra Percale Hotel Collection. These super-cooling sheets feature a matte finish that’s as sophisticated as it is simple. Plus, the crisp feel of the fabric will have you thinking you’re sleeping in a luxury hotel rather than your own bedroom. This Giza cotton set comes in sizes twin, full, queen, king, and California king, and is available in both White and Carbon. The collection includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two coordinating pillowcases. Note that the fitted sheet includes extra-deep pockets for convenience.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton duvet cover set ultra percale matte cooling

Find Your Favorite Set of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

At Pure Parima, creating our sheets from 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton is only the beginning. We also utilize only non-harmful chemicals and substances during the manufacturing process to ensure your sheets are truly worry free. Additionally, all our sheet sets come with a free Pure Parima fabric pouch for safe and easy storage. Ready to put an end to night sweats and start sleeping easier? Shop online today to experience the joy that good rest can bring.

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