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pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

The realities of the pandemic mean that many of us are spending a lot of time at home these days. While some people appreciate the chance to lounge around the house and relax, others need a break from looking at the same four walls. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave home to get a new outlook. Taking a few small steps to refresh your bedroom can go a long way toward making sure the New Year is a happy one. Read on for tips on revitalizing your master, courtesy of the team at Pure Parima.

Add Some Color

White bedding has its place. However, not everyone appreciates the stark, impersonal feel of a hotel room. If you want to create a warm and inviting master bedroom, adding a pop of color is a logical choice. You can brighten up this all-important area of the house by painting an accent wall, adding removable wallpaper in a vibrant hue, or swapping out your bedding. Don’t want to make a big change just yet? A few dramatic accent pillows and a faux fur throw can go a long way toward making your bedroom homey on a budget.

Lay Down a Rug

Hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain. However, if you want to add some visual oomph to your master bedroom, a colorful area rug is a must. Not only does a fluffy rug help keep your tootsies warm on chilly winter mornings, but it also adds an element of texture to a space. Choose a rug that matches your overall aesthetic, from rugged woven options to modern styles featuring abstract prints. As a bonus, rugs can tie together different aspects of the room, like the curtains and the bedding.

Go Green

No, we’re not talking about remembering to turn the lights off when you leave the room. If you want to refresh your bedroom and revitalize your mood, potted plants are a great way to go. Add some succulents to your bedroom window or hang a spider plant in front of the window. Along with enhancing the space, plants provide much-needed oxygen while boosting moods during those dreary winter months.

Buy New Sheets

Your sheets might not be as visible as other pieces of decor. However, they’re an essential component of any bed. After all, the wrong sheets can lead to itching, sweating, and even skin irritation. Hot sleepers and those with sensitive complexions will do best with bedding made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton. At once soft and durable, Giza Egyptian cotton sheets protect the skin while remaining strong and durable through hundreds of washes. If you love the feel of a sateen weave, give some thought to our Hira Sheet Set. Featuring contemporary accent diamond embroidery, this transformative collection is at once stylish and cozy. Choose from an array of on-trend shades, including White, Ivory, Spa, and Midnight.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Turn to the Dark Side

You’ve probably heard the myth that dark colors make a room look small. We’re not advising you to paint your bedroom black, but adding some deeper hues can actually make your master feel more spacious. We love the look of a deep blue or purple accent wall behind your headboard. Hesitant to put paint on the walls? You can add some moody beauty to your master with new bedding. Consider the Hotel Collection’s Ultra Percale Sheet Set, which comes in on-trend Carbon.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Warm Up With a Duvet Cover

As the temperature drops, there’s something infinitely appealing about snuggling under a warm duvet. However, your bed isn’t complete without an Egyptian cotton duvet cover to protect both the comforter and your sensitive skin. The best duvet covers feature extra-long staple cotton fibers that hold up to wear and washes. Pairing great with our Hira sheets, the Hira Duvet set comes complete with two matching shams boasting hidden zippers and flap enclosures for your convenience. Shoppers can go traditional with colors like White, Ivory, and Tan or mix it up with stylish shades like Soft Peach, Spa, or Icy Blue. Simply toss this set in the laundry any time you wash your sheets and pillowcases.

Shop Egyptian Cotton Sheets at Pure Parima

If you’ve done your homework on the bedding market, then you know that companies aren’t always honest about the contents of their sheets. In an effort to increase thread counts, less ethical suppliers may utilize multi-ply yarn that’s prone to pilling and breaks. When you choose Pure Parima for your Egyptian cotton sheets, you can rest assured knowing all our products are made with pure single-ply yarn from the Nile River Valley. The end result is a softer, more breathable sheet that’s also pleasing to the eye. Ready to give your room a makeover? Shop our selection online today.

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