Basic Bedding Essentials: Pieces You Need Before the Sheets

pure parima down duvet and pillow insert

In order to create the perfect bed ensemble, especially for those chilly months, it’s important to start with the basics - literally! Be sure you have the proper bedding basics like pillows, duvets, toppers and more before you layer on the sheets and duvet covers. Read further to learn more about what to look out for when finding the right bedding basics for your fluffy, cozy bed. 


Ensure your duvets and comforters are the right weight, temperature, and size for you and your bed. Pay attention to the fill, fill power, material, and warmth so you can find the duvet that provides proper comfort suited to your needs. One of the best fill options is Goose Down, specifically European White Goose Down. This fluffy down fill provides comfortable warmth and high quality bedding that will last you many years. Additionally, aim for a fill power of around 600 for a balanced fill that will continuously remain fluffy and keep you cozy. Try our Down Duvet Insert for the perfect combination of quality fill and proper fill power. Or, opt for our Down Alternative Duvet Insert that is filled with premium down alternative fill, made to mimic the warmth and comfort of genuine Goose Down. 

pure parima down duvet insert


Of course, what is a bed without pillows? That being said, not just any pillow will provide the quality fluff, comfort, and support that you are most likely looking for. Keeping you warm and comfortable, European White Goose Down is also a great option for pillows. However, when it comes to pillows, support is just as, if not more, important. Depending on your sleeping preferences and positions, the level of firmness and support will vary. Choosing a medium-firm pillow is a good choice for those who are looking for a balance between soft and firm and will keep your head and neck supported all night long. Available in both Down and Down Alternative, all of our pillows are of medium-firmness and crafted with quality and safe materials.

pure parima down alternative euro pillows

Mattress Toppers

A less common bedding essential, mattress toppers are a great addition to the bed as they provide extra plushness and height to the bed. This can lengthen the lifespan of your mattress as well as add more cushioning that your mattress may be lacking. Choose a mattress topper that is made with a baffle box construction for a consistent even fill throughout. All of our toppers are made with 3” of cloud-like cushioning for the perfect add-on.

pure parima down alternative mattress topper


Including mattress and pillow protectors in your basic bedding routine is essential when creating the most comfortable and long-lasting bed. Mattress protectors are layered over the mattress before the fitted sheet for added protection from spills, stains, oils, sweat and more. This makes it easy to remove and wash instead of having to wash the mattress itself. Pillow protectors are a great way to add that extra layer of protection between your pillow and pillowcase so you can easily wash away any unwanted stains as you would the mattress protector, thus keeping your pillow cleaner and longer-lasting. Just as your sheets and duvet covers are the best, and highest quality when made from Egyptian cotton, so are your protectors. Look for Egyptian cotton mattress protectors as well as Egyptian cotton pillow protectors for the most durable, comfortable, and quality protection.

pure parima egyptian cotton pillow protectors

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