Avoid These Mistakes: Your Bedding is Harming Your Sleep Quality

pure parima certified luxury egyptian cotton sheets

We know that diet, exercise, and mental stress all play a large part in our overall health. However, you may not realize how much your sleep quality can impact everyday life and cause adverse long-term side effects. When we are getting poor sleep, we often attribute it to stress, electronics, or caffeine, but we must consider how much our bedding contributes to this problem. Keep reading to find Pure Parima’s biggest no-no's and best tips for turning your bedding into a serene sleep sanctuary.

Avoid: Traditional Cotton Sheets

Overheating throughout the night and waking up with cold sweats is sadly a widespread occurrence among many people and is a significant contributing factor to poor sleep quality. Ordinary linen can be weighty and stops adequate airflow throughout the bed while you sleep; this commonly causes hot flashes that lead to sweating. Pure Parima’s 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton Sheets provide premium comfort while also wicking away any moisture that you may have on your body from sweating throughout the night. In addition, the Yalda sheet set is an elegant and supercooling set to add a breeze between your bedding for a refreshing night of sleep.

pure parima certified luxury egyptian cotton sheets

Avoid: Sleeping Without a Duvet

Maintaining a pleasant temperature throughout the night can be difficult if you find yourself cold and shivering while you sleep. Investing in a plush duvet is an essential bedding item as it is easy to remove if too warm but perfect to cozy up under during crisp nights. An opulent duvet cover is a luxurious finishing touch to an ideal bedding set. The Pure Parima dreamy Ariane Duvet Cover Set made with handpicked Egyptian Cotton is the ultimate finish for a classically charming and elegant bedroom.

Avoid: Skin-Irritating Fabrics

If your bedding is irritating, scratching, or pilling under your skin at any point during the night, it will significantly reduce your sleep quality. Certified Egyptian Cotton sheets are perfect for sensitive skin, unlike traditional cotton, which can retain moisture and cause skin-irritating friction. Egyptian Cotton Sheets help prevent irritation with their ultra-smooth finish, ensuring no scratching at the skin’s surface or moisture barrier. In addition, luxury Egyptian Cotton provides a cooling effect to help renew fragile skin. Finally, show your complexion extra TLC with Egyptian Cotton Pillowcase Sets such as the soft, silky, and exquisitely lustrous Hira Pillowcase Set.

Avoid: Sleeping without Egyptian Cotton

Perhaps the most magical part of owning Egyptian cotton sheets is that they only get softer over time. Laundering Egyptian Cotton linen softens fibers so that your Egyptian cotton bedding gets more sumptuous with age. If you are looking for sheets that are both durable and ultra-soft, the Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set is sure to give you the softest and most luxurious sleep yet. 

All Pure Parima products are environmentally conscious, natural, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. Pure Parima is proud to have 100% certifiable Egyptian Cotton to gift you the night of rest you deserve.

pure parima certified luxury egyptian cotton sheets

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