Types of Pillow Covers

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sateen Euro Sham#color_ivory#style_euro

When it comes to your pillow, there are a few ways to cover, protect and style them through a variety of covers. Consider your comfort and fabric preferences when investing in the right covers and cases. Take a look at the various pillow covers that we recommend using in conjunction with your pillow for better sleep.

Pillow Protector

The best way to safely and securely protect your pillow from stains, sweat and other damage is by using a quality pillow protector. This would be layered over the pillow and under the pillowcase so that you have an additional layer of protection while you sleep. 

pure parima egyptian cotton pillow protector


Used on your sleeping pillow as a barrier between your pillow and your skin, a pillowcase can be used to protect, but also style your bed. Usually your pillowcase and sheets will match for a cohesive look while still providing a case of protection, especially paired with a pillow protector. Choose decorative embroidery or simple classic designs for added personality to your bed. 

pure parima egyptian cotton pillowcase set

Pillow Sham

A pillow shams main purpose is decorative and style. Not made for sleeping on, shams can be used to provide additional texture and color to your bed or sofa, depending on where you place your pillows. These can also be various shapes and sizes depending on the pillow you are using. Euro shams are square shaped and used with euro pillows which are popularly used on sofas, lounge chairs, and beds. This is a great way to incorporate textured embroidery and patterns that may not be suitable for you to sleep on. Sign up to be notified when our Egyptian cotton euro shams and body pillow shams arrive!

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sateen Euro Sham#color_ivory#style_euro

The Best Material for Your Pillow Cover

Regardless of the pillow covers you use, the material it is made of is equally, if not, more important to consider. Choose durable, quality materials like Egyptian cotton for hypoallergenic, authentically safe bedding. This will allow you to stay comfortable all night long and can withstand multiple uses and washes. Made from rare extra-long staple fibers, Egyptian cotton results in extra softness and silkiness for a luxurious protector, case, and sham. 

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