Top 3 Tips for Eliminating Indoor Allergies in the Bedroom

From scratchy throats to sniffly noses, allergies can wreak serious havoc on your day and even interfere with your ability to sleep at night. In fact, nearly 60 percent of individuals with nasal allergies suffer sleep disturbances, according to a survey from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. If you’re part of this unlucky majority, it’s important to know that help is out there. Follow these tips to clean up your bedroom and send indoor allergies packing:

Ditch the Clutter

Dust mites are the bane of indoor allergy sufferers, leading to a wide range of symptoms from congestion to shortness of breath. Unfortunately, even the most finicky of cleaners may struggle to find all the places that mites love to hide. Books, picture frames, stuffed animals, and even throw pillows can all collect dust and contribute to an unhealthy home. To protect your health, consider ridding the room of those tchotchkes and trinkets known for attracting dust. For example, you could purchase a Kindle for the bedroom and relocate those dusty old classics to the study.

Wash Your Bedding

How often do you launder your sheets and blankets? According to the National Institutes of Health, it’s wise to wash your bedding every week if you suffer from indoor allergies. However, many families only get around to doing this once a month. And plenty of us never wash our duvets! If you or someone else in your family gets a cold, aim to wash your sheets again as soon as the sickness has passed.

Opt for Egyptian Cotton

If you’re prone to indoor allergies or skin sensitivities, the type of bedding you choose can make all the difference. Those who suffer itching or irritation will likely do better with natural fabrics rather than those made from synthetic materials. In fact, researchers have observed a strong connection between the presence of chemicals in products produced and the increase in allergy symptoms among the population. To protect your skin (and your sleep), opt for 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets and duvet covers. As a bonus, Egyptian Cotton holds up well to regular washing, so you don’t have to worry about your sheets falling apart in the machine.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Choose Pure Parima Sheets and Duvet Covers

Natural and silky-soft, Egyptian Cotton sheets are ideal for sleepers with allergies and those who suffer from insomnia. Not only does the fabric absorb excess moisture, keeping sleepers cool on even the warmest of nights, but it’s also gentle on sensitive skin.

Searching for the perfect bedding to add elegance and appeal to your home? We think our Yalda Sheet Set in White is an ideal choice. Boasting an exquisite pearl finish, these sheets make any bedroom seem lush, lovely, and inviting. For more information about Pure Parima, call today or shop our Egyptian Cotton collection online. Experience better sleep with the best Egyptian Cotton sheets!

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  • Lisa

    I’m allergic to most of fabric except for cotton. I have sensitive skin and get very bad itching and redness. Thank you so much for such great and beautiful sheets. It’s so soft and silky without been silky and synthetic. Since I bought your sheets I am sleeping better than before. Great job love my sheets

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