This Is Why You Sweat at Night

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It’s summer, which means that the temperatures are rising and you might be soiling your sheets by sweating at night. But you just bought those luxurious 1000 thread count sheets! They’re supposed to be the best of the best, right? Wrong!

Higher Thread Counts Are Not Always Better

It’s a myth that the higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious the sheets are. Sheets can only fit so many threads in a single square inch of fabric. In fact, you can’t go higher than a 800 thread count unless you use multi-ply threads. Plus, the more threads you fit into a single square inch of fabric, the tighter they have to be woven which reduces breathability. The ideal thread count number varies depending on the quality of the cotton used.

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Multi-ply Threads Are Coarser and Thicker

When companies claim to have sheets and duvet covers with such high thread counts, it’s because they’re using multi-ply yarn—two or more threads twined together to form one, thicker thread. Multi-ply threads are coarser and thicker. Those thicker strands of thread create a heavier and stiffer fabric. This is never ideal— your bedding should always be breathable for those that tend to sweat at night and light for easy and comfortable sleeping.

That’s why Pure Parima bedding is made of 100% Certified single-ply yarn Egyptian Cotton. Our sateen and percale collections provide a cozy, cool, and comfy sleep every night. Shop the best Egyptian Cotton sheets only at!

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