The Perfect Bedding Combo

pure parima certified giza egyptian cotton sheet set

Once you experience the perfect combination for your bedding, you will never settle for less. Embrace the neutral hues of your linen by spicing them up for fall using new colors, textures, and patterns to get the classy excitement you have been seeking. Keep reading to learn our winning formula for creating the perfect bedding combo.

Find a Supreme Sheet Set

This season's goal is to create a fabulous bedding combo that will keep us cozy without taking much time in the morning to fix up. A classic combo bed is easy to achieve with a premium Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set, such as the Ultra Percale sheet set made with certified Giza cotton. Pure Parima has introduced these hotel sheets in a new sensual Carbon color that will create the perfect foundation for your stylish bed as the weather cools down.

Switch It Up with a Coverlet

Now that you have the sensual Carbon Egyptian Cotton Sheets on your bed, it is time to add our second complimentary combo color. As you know, Autumn is just around the corner, such as the season of pumpkin patches, apple picking, and warm fires, we must warm our bedding to match. The Pure Parima Diamond Quilted Coverlet Set in the shade grey will compliment your new Carbon Sheets by embodying Autumn's cool, crisp tones for a calming effect. In addition, this 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton Coverlet will create a weighted cozy comfort to gift you a night of nurturing rest.

certified giza egyptian cotton coverlet

Incorporate Small-Scale Patterns

The perfect combo bed not only has a versatile and cohesive palette - but also incorporates just the right amount of texture to ensure aesthetic pleasure. If you are looking to incorporate some small-scale patterns to your bed while keeping a classy, luxury ambiance- I want to guide you to Pure Parima's Ariane Pillowcase Set in the color Spa. The delicately stitched pattern adds a hint of royalty and texture to your bed. In addition, the light shade of blue complements the monochromatic color palette of your new bedding while adding a crisp hue that will stand out this season.

certified giza egyptian cotton sheet set pattern

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Coming into the holiday season can bring about various stressors from our everyday environment. Therefore, it is essential that your bedroom doubles as a comforting sanctuary that you can escape to, leaving your worries at the door. Wooden décor, such as rustic mounted hanging shelves or wooden farmhouse wall signs, can be a great way to warm up a monochromatic space. Additionally, knitted throw blankets add easy layering that creates a vintage cottage experience in your bedroom. In contrast, stringed fairy lights will add an inviting feminine ambiance to your space. Finally, replacing your traditional bedside lamp with a rustic lantern before throwing down a warm area rug is sure to create a cozy, welcoming environment you can unwind in all season long.

Behind Pure Parima

All Pure Parima products are environmentally conscious, natural, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. Pure Parima is proud to have 100% certifiable Egyptian Cotton to gift you the night of rest you deserve.

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