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Keeping your home neat and tidy is essential to maintaining an organized lifestyle and eliminating the dread that comes with a routine cleaning. Make it easier for yourself and create habits that will help keep your home clean and put together each and every day. Here are just a few tips and tricks that we recommend when it comes to your home:

Dedicate Space for Your Linens

Since most of us have a variety of bed, bath, and other linens for change of scenery, season, color, or mood, it’s wise to have a dedicated closet to store these items. Commonly known as a linen closet, this space will enable you to organize your sheets, blankets, towels, pillows, and other pieces according to your liking and make it easier for you to switch them out when needed. Be sure to keep it dust and moisture-free to prevent any damage or deterioration of your linens.

pure parima home organization tips

Roll Towels

While folding your towels can be a great way to organize them daily, if you find that you are lacking enough space to fit them in their proper spot, try rolling them into compact cylindrical shapes for a new organization tactic. This can actually create more room while storing because they take up less surface area. Stack them in a triangle-like shape for best results.

pure parima home organization tips

Add Hooks Where Necessary

Looking for a better way to keep your bathrobe, towels, aprons, or coats? Try incorporating hooks in your bathroom, kitchen or closets for more hanging options. Bringing your everyday essentials off the floor or shelf and onto the wall can create an abundance of space and help fit other items that may not have the potential to hang on the wall. 

Keep a Decluttered Nightstand

Take note of how your nightstand is organized. Is there anything on top that could be stowed away? What about the drawer - are there drawer organizers placed inside? These simple changes could create a much more functional space for you to utilize each day and make it much easier to locate and store your commonly used items.

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