The Art of Making a Perfect Bed: Pro Tips & Tricks

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Who doesn’t want to create a stunning and cozy bed to sink into every night? Well good news, we got the inside scoop on what to focus on when making the perfect bed. Find out what tips and tricks we recommend when it’s time to decorate! 

Use the Hospital Corner Trick

One of the easiest ways to create a neat and professional looking bed is by folding the linens onto the mattress just right. Following the famous “hospital corner” method has become a staple for many households and gives the ultimate clean, crisp look. This method is commonly used on hospital beds, hence the name, and has since expanded to homes for the renowned tidy and put-together look. Focused on the corners of the mattress where there is an excess of fabric, this technique allows you to fold each side against the mattress before tucking for a smoother look. Read our blog on how to make hospital corners and check it out in action here

Layer with Color & Texture

Layer, layer, layer as we like to say. Adding more linens but distinguishing colors, textures, and prints, can enhance the exquisite look of the bed for a more inviting and cozy look. However, it is important to choose cohesive colors and textures so that the bed becomes well-balanced and pleasing to the eye. Try to mix neutrals with pops of bold shades or create a monochromatic look by pairing different shades of the same color.

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Choose Quality Sheets

No matter the amount of techniques you follow, if you are using cheaply made bedding, it will be difficult to achieve the professional look. This does not mean you have to break the bank, but to be mindful of the materials used, durability, and overall quality of the linens you sleep on. Materials like microfiber, polyester, or bamboo are less durable, sustainable, and soft than materials like cotton. Cotton, specifically Egyptian cotton, contains much more durability and comfort, making it easier to achieve that professional bedroom look. Made with extra-long staple cotton fibers, Egyptian cotton is a very luxuriously rare material, perfect for that balance of luxury and comfort. 

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

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