Suffering From Summer Insomnia? Get More Sleep With These Tips

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From picnics in the park to long walks on the beach, late-night bonfires to lazy days at the waterpark, there are plenty of things to love about summer. However, insomnia isn’t one of them, and this condition is unfortunately all too common during the hot weather months. In fact, studies show that the increase in daylight hours can make it harder for some people to drift off by suppressing their melatonin production. This hormone has long been associated with sleep cycles. Additionally, the higher temperatures can prevent core body temps from dropping at night, a process that’s crucial for falling asleep. The end result is that many of us wind up tossing and turning in sweat-soaked sheets rather than drifting off peacefully to Dreamland.

So, what can you do to increase your odds of getting some rest this summer? Check out these tips for sleeping easy no matter how high the mercury rises.

Draw the Curtains

You probably know that blackout curtains are a great way to stop morning sunshine from waking you up before your alarm goes off. What you might not realize is that drawing the shades and dimming the lights a couple hours before bed can also help you sleep. Not only does this keep out any lingering light, but it also helps lower the temperature in the room, allowing your core body temperature to drop in turn. If you find that your AC bill is on the high side, you might even want to keep the curtains drawn during the day to save money.

Hop in the Bath

Hot baths aren’t just for warming up on a frigid winter day. Although it sounds illogical, taking a hot bath or shower before hitting the sheets can actually help you sleep better. The heat of the water will increase your body temperature, and getting out will cause it to drop rapidly again, thereby stimulating melatonin production. In minutes, you’ll feel cool, cozy, and ready to nod off.

Buy Some New Bedding

Keeping your bedroom cool and dark will only take you so far. If you don’t have the proper bedding, you’re liable to wind up wide awake and wrapped in a tangle of sweaty sheets. To stay comfortable and dry, opt for natural fabrics over synthetics, which are known to trap heat. In particular, 100% Egyptian Cotton bedding is an ideal choice for individuals in humid climates, as well as those prone to night sweats. Not only is Egyptian Cotton known for being lightweight, but it’s also highly breathable, so you won’t get soaked while you sleep. As a bonus, this material is mold resistant and has a silky texture that feels soft on sensitive skin.

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