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Once upon a time, shoppers would visit the closest Macy’s or J.C. Penney’s in search of new bedding. After hours of scouring the aisles, checking labels and examining weaves, they’d spend hundreds of dollars on new bedding, only to have it falling apart and pilling after a couple washes. Fortunately, the days of department store bedding are long past. In our current digital age, customers are turning to a new source for their sheets and duvet covers: direct to consumer online stores.

In recent years, an array of online retailers has cropped up selling everything from sheets and home decor to duvets and mattresses. From cotton to bamboo, silk to satin, the options for outfitting your bedroom are virtually endless. Read on to discover the many advantages of buying your bedding from direct to consumer online stores:

Fair Pricing

One of the many reasons that shoppers are opting to buy their bedding online these days is that it saves on costs. Without a middleman, companies can pass the savings directly on to the consumer. So instead of spending $400 on that queen-sized duvet from Bloomingdale’s, you can order one online for a fraction of the price.

Honest Thread Count

Recent press suggests that a number of big-name sheet suppliers are inflating their thread counts. The truth is that only about 800 threads can fit in a square inch of fabric, and manufacturers that advertise thread counts of 1000 are likely using weak fibers that are spun into multi-ply threads to manipulate their thread count. Keep in mind only so many threads can fit per square inch and having a higher thread count actually decreases durability, comfort, and breathability by creating a tighter weave, which results in a more coarse surface. The good news is that Pure Parima is bringing honesty and transparency back to the bedding industry by helping to dispel myths about thread count and other considerations along the way. 

Higher-Quality Material

Just as retail companies often bend the truth when it comes to thread counts, many are less than honest about their bedding materials. In fact, a number of brand-name suppliers claiming to sell 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets are actually delivering subpar bedding made from other materials. On the other hand, online only companies like Pure Parima sell genuine Egyptian Cotton that bears the Cotton Egypt Association’s coveted gold seal. Finding pure Egyptian Cotton is important, as it holds up better than fabric blends and retains its softness. In fact, these highest-quality sheets get softer with each wash.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Superior Convenience

Trekking to the mall for bedding can be inconvenient to say the least. One of the best reasons to purchase sheets from Pure Parima is that you can take advantage of free shipping and other bonuses not available to in-store shoppers. For example, at Pure Parima, we provide every customer with a fabric pouch and reusable box to protect their bedding from fading, odors, dust, and dirt. The end result is sheets that retain their quality for longer.

Shop Pure Parima Today

Looking for the best Egyptian Cotton sheets at a price that won’t break the bank? We’re proud to say that our 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets and duvet covers bear the Cotton Egypt Association’s seal of approval, so you don’t have to worry about getting less than you pay for. Shop our collection today and start sleeping easier.

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