Self-Care Travel Must-Haves

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This year, vacay the right way - and bring your favorite pieces with you that will make you feel at home. Not everyone may feel the need to travel with their own linens, but if you are one to feel more at ease with sheets, towels, and other bed and bath items, we have the must-have list for you. Whether you feel more comfortable, or just can’t live without your tried and true pieces, take a look at some of the essentials to consider packing for your next trip:


Since your washcloth will be in direct contact with your face every day, packing a trusty, quality washcloth isn’t such a bad idea. Small, compact, and portable, a washcloth that is made from high end materials, such as Egyptian cotton, will keep you dry every time. Reliable absorbency and comfort are essential to a successful face wash. 

pure parima egyptian cotton washcloth


Bringing a pillowcase that you know is the right fabric and hand feel could be the difference between a refreshing night’s sleep and a groggy morning. Once again, your pillowcase can be easily stowed away in your suitcase, yet provides consistent comfort throughout your entire stay. Our Egyptian cotton pillowcases come equipped with fabric pouches, perfect for storage, and perfect for packing!

pure parima egyptian cotton pillowcase

Pillow Protector

We all know that hotels have a strict cleaning system and although when you choose a place to stay, you are putting your trust in them to keep you clean, safe, and comfortable. However, using a pillow protector as a barrier between the pillow and your pillowcase adds an extra layer of protection helping you to sleep better without worry. Use OEKO-Tex pillow protectors so you can be confident you are being protected from harsh chemicals.

pure parima egyptian cotton pillow protector

Mattress Protector

Unfortunately, some hotels have been known to carry bed bugs and while we are assured the rooms we stay in are safe and clean, it can sometimes be an unwelcoming surprise. Adding your own mattress protector can give you peace of mind, no matter the circumstance. With durable, reliable protection, you can sleep soundly on a comfortable, protected mattress.

pure parima egyptian cotton mattress protector

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