Pure Parima Promises 100 Nights of Great Sleep

100 nights trial

Consumers have long had the opportunity to try out different mattresses before making a commitment. For example, direct-to-consumer mattress supplier Leesa lets buyers try their products risk free for 100 days, while popular online mattress supplier Nectar lets customers return their beds at any point during the first 365 days of purchase for a full refund. Unfortunately, the same hasn’t been true of bedding companies… until now. Times are changing, and Pure Parima is one of the first bedding suppliers to allow customers a 100 Night Risk-Free trial on its 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets.

The Pure Parima Guarantee 

In the past, consumers often found themselves stuck with expensive bedding that didn’t meet the mark. Made of synthetic materials and featuring substandard stitching, these sheets tended to rip, tear, or pill after just a handful of washes. And because buyers had already slept on the sheets, they didn’t have the opportunity to return them and get their money back.

At Pure Parima, we want our customers to feel confident purchasing sheets and bedding from our e-commerce store. That’s why we created our 100 Nights Trial. We’re so certain of the quality and durability of our sheets that we’re inviting consumers to try them risk free for 100 nights. You’ll sleep easier knowing you can request your money back at any point, and you’ll sleep better on our Egyptian cotton bedding.

The Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Bedding

One of the most durable sheet materials on the market, Egyptian Cotton is also one of the softest. Smooth and silky to the touch, this fabric absorbs excess moisture to help skin breathe and keep sleepers cool and cozy throughout the night. Additionally, Egyptian Cotton is all natural and environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about buying it for your loved ones.

Unfortunately, some sheets purporting to be 100% Egyptian Cotton actually contain other materials. Some sheet packages offer misleading claims about thread count and other factors. At Pure Parima, we’re proud of the fact that every product we sell is made with 100% pure Egyptian Cotton from the Nile River Valley. In fact, all our bedding bears the Cotton Egypt Association’s coveted seal of authenticity, so you know you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton seal

Shop Pure Parima Sheets 

Our 100 Nights Trial allows shoppers to buy with confidence. Want to try Pure Parima sheets for yourself? We offer a range of sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers in classic shades like white, ivory, and grey. Stylish and luxurious, our products are sure to impress.

Shop the best Egyptian Cotton sheets today or contact us to speak to someone on our team. We look forward to changing the way you sleep.

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