Is Giza Cotton the Same as Egyptian Cotton?

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If you’ve ever spent the night in a five-star hotel, then you probably know the silky comfort of Egyptian cotton sheets. Holding the reputation as the best cotton in the world, Egyptian cotton is at once exceptionally strong and deliciously soft to the touch. Still, you may not know that this sheet material comes in several varieties, with Giza Egyptian cotton being among the most luxurious. Referring to a type of Egyptian cotton grown and harvested along the Nile River, Giza cotton boasts some unique properties not present in other materials. Keep reading to learn more about Giza cotton and find out why it’s a great option for those seeking better sleep. 

What is Giza Egyptian Cotton?

Conditions in the Nile River Delta help create the ideal growing environment for Giza cotton. Along with offering sufficient sunlight for cotton growth, the climate in this part of the world boasts a great deal of humidity. In fact, in some seasons the area maintains a moisture vapor level of 70 percent. Combined with the nutrient-rich soil along the river, the weather here helps Giza Egyptian cotton grow long and strong, even as other parts of Egypt endure dryness and drought that injure cotton production. 

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Bedding companies grade cotton based on the length, diameter, and condition of the cotton fibers. In general, the best-ranked yarns feature long, fine fibers with small diameters. Overall, Giza cotton has a uniformity ranking of 88.5, indicating a silky-soft material with few irregularities. This number makes Giza cotton the highest-graded fiber among all Egyptian cotton. 

How Giza Cotton is Different

Although Giza is a form of Egyptian cotton, it varies from other types in multiple ways. While both materials originate from the same part of the world, Giza cotton is different in that it’s grown right beside the Nile River. The result is a softer, lighter fiber and ultimately a more luxurious yarn that feels like silk against your skin. There’s a reason Giza cotton is beloved both as a sheet material and a fabric for clothing. 

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The softness of Giza cotton means it’s a great choice for those with sensitive skin. After all, it’s hard to get a good night’s rest if your bedding is constantly causing you itching and irritation. Cozy and luxurious, Giza Egyptian cotton will protect sleepers’ skin, never pilling or tearing even after hundreds of washes. It’s an especially good option for pillowcases as you don’t have to worry about the material irritating your face while you sleep. 

Giza also gets high points due to its absorbency and breathability. Along with wicking away sweat while you sleep, so you don’t have to worry about waking up in a tangle of wet sheets, Giza cotton absorbs dyes well. That means you can purchase high-end sheets in a variety of colors and patterns without having to worry that they’ll bleed or fade with time.

Exceptional Sheets for Exceptional Sleep

Wondering what sheet option will help you rest easy? It’s hard to beat the timeless beauty and superior softness of our Yalda Sheet Set. Featuring 100 percent certified Giza Egyptian cotton, the Yalda Collection is renowned for its comfort and style. Along with the extra-long staple, hand-picked fibers, this sheet set boasts a smooth sateen weave. Plus, the bedding enjoys extra style points thanks to the soft double-hem stitching and sophisticated color palette. Choose from an array of on-trend shades from White and Grey to Icy Blue, Midnight, and Charcoal. 

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Then again, some sleepers prefer their bedding on the crisper side. If fresh sheets and duvet covers are your ideal, our Ultra Percale Sheet Set may be the better option. Part of the Hotel Collection, this bedding choice is made with Giza Egyptian cotton and is very cooling. This set is made with a matte finish that adds clean sophistication to any bedroom. The result is that you’ll sleep easy regardless of how high the temperature rises. The Ultra Percale Set is available in both White and Carbon, with new hues coming soon. It comes in sizes Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set


Experience the Joy of Giza Egyptian Cotton

When it comes to the best night’s sleep, there’s no beating Giza Egyptian cotton sheets. However, the most selective sleepers also outfit their beds with Giza cotton duvet covers. Featuring 100 percent extra-long staple cotton picked in the Nile River Valley, our luxurious covers protect your bedding and your skin. Pure Parima’s sets come complete with a duvet cover and two shams and are manufactured with OEKO-TEX® Certified Non-Harmful Chemicals. When they need laundering, simply toss them in the wash with your sheets and pillowcases rather than visiting the dry cleaner. Shop online today and start getting better rest.

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    I didn’t know there was two different fabric. Thought I was ordering the same ones I had. There’s a big difference in the cotton and the Egyptian cotton!

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