How to Transition From Cool to Warm Weather in the Bedroom

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Changing your space to match the season involves changing not only the aesthetic, but the materials and fabrics used as well. For example, you probably stow away those heavy sherpa blankets in the summertime. The same applies to your sheets, duvet covers, and any other layers that you incorporate in your bed-making routine. Take a look at some of the tips we have for changing out your bedding for the warmer months.

Opt for Percale

Both very popular bedding weaves, sateen and percale provide two different textures, and with that, two different feels. Percale may not be for everyone, but if you find yourself sleeping hotter during the spring and summer, it may be a good idea to switch to percale sheets. A one-over, one-under percale weave provides additional breathability and coolness through its matte and crisp handfeel. Many people who are frequent hot sleepers or live in warm climates prefer percale over sateen. Our Ultra Percale duvet cover set is the perfect blend of cool and crisp to provide you with that springtime comfort.

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Choose a Variety of Layers

Just as in the fall and winter, you layer on the blankets, and throws to keep warm, the warmer months call for layers as well - for a different reason. Try adding thin layers when making your bed so you have different options depending on the temperature. For example, you may layer a fun quilt or coverlet over your duvet for a springtime look, but might choose to just sleep with the quilt if it is an especially warm night. Our Diamond Quilted Coverlet is a great cooling, but cozy option if you are looking for something to add texture and style this time of year. This gives you more flexibility and comfort when sleeping.


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Change to a Lightweight Duvet

Duvets can be used year round and are not only for the coldest time of the year. However, you may want to use a lightweight duvet in the spring and summer to guarantee comfort and coolness, without overheating. This kind of duvet insert provides an all-season comfort level and can be covered with any duvet cover material of your choice. Try our down alternative lightweight duvet insert, perfect for any sleeper, no matter the weather. 

Use a Softer Color Palette 

In addition to fabrics and feel, it’s always a good idea to bring in some light colors for a more bright and springy look. Choose pastels like our Spa, Icy Blue, and Soft Peach shades for luxurious style that can be paired with neutrals or complimentary bold colors. Have some fun and mix and match your favorite shades, styles, and textures for a spring bedroom you can enjoy all season long. 

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