How to Layer in Style

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Adding textures and colors to your space can create a completely new atmosphere and change the look of the room. By pairing complementary layers together, you can build a brand new springtime feel if you desire! Take a look at some of the tips and tricks we have for successfully layering in a way that will enhance your space, rather than clutter.

Bring Appropriate Colors

While layering is essentially an art that can transform a space, it is important that you choose your colors carefully. Try shades that compliment the space instead of drag it down. For example, if you have a room filled with orange tones, a great color would be a pink or red tone. This can brighten the aesthetic and mesh well with the orange hues. Choosing a color like grey or black will more likely than not make the room seem more drab and instead, block the beauty of the bright tones you already have in the room. Try pairing greys and blacks with hues like white, blue, and green for a more cohesive look.

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Choose Minimal Textures

When it comes to finding the perfect textures, you can go about this in a few ways. You can incorporate texture as simply that - a piece of linen or decor that has a different feel to it for a balance of textures. Or you could add prints and patterns to a space with many solid colors for a pop of fun. The important thing here is to choose a texture that works well with the textures you already have. For example, if your bedding embodies a print, it’s better to add a simple throw or pillow to the mix to break up the textures. If your bedding is more simple and neutral, this is a great opportunity to add a playful piece that brings out some of the bedding color with a little extra pizazz! 

Add Different Pieces

This one may seem obvious, but adding different layering pieces is what really makes for a perfectly layered bed. Create movement and coziness with several variations of texture and color. For example, maybe you want to add a coverlet to the end of your bed but you want even more. Instead of layering another coverlet of a different color or texture, add a knit throw on top of the coverlet and a minimally textured decorative pillow to match the throw. This will create cohesiveness and balance throughout the space. 

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Have Fun With It!

Creating a space you can enjoy every night is entirely up to you and your idea of the perfect bedroom. Add your personality to the mix by incorporating different pieces that embrace your style and mood. Let your creativity run wild by mixing colors, styles, and pieces that you never thought you would use and build a sanctuary you can call your own. 

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