How to Identify Fake Egyptian Cotton

100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The Smoothness of Egyptian Cotton by Pure Parima is Unmatched

The extra-long fibers of Egyptian Cotton creates a finer, stronger yarn and thus the fabric is more silky and smooth. Which is why Egyptian Cotton fabric has become widely popular among people when it comes to purchasing bedding such as bed sheets and duvet covers. Fabric used in Pure Parima bedding has unmatched smoothness which provides great comfort and will be sure to leave you satisfied after a nights’ sleep. Egyptian Cotton is popular and it’s not hard to see why.

soft Egyptian Cotton sheets

100% Egyptian Cotton Is Not Always 100%

Egyptian Cotton is a luxurious fabric that one can trust in terms of quality and longevity while maintaining its beautiful sheen and elegant appearance. But what if the Egyptian Cotton you are paying for is not genuine? What if you are being provided regular cotton that is marketed as Egyptian Cotton even though you’re paying for the quality of real Egyptian Cotton? Many retailers are marketing and labeling mixed cotton fabrics, such as Egyptian Cotton sheets, as 100% Egyptian Cotton.

The Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) has taken steps to ensure only genuine Egyptian Cotton products are made available for consumers and that there is no falsely labeled Egyptian Cotton products advertised on the market. To achieve this, the CEA has launched an accreditation process, which includes DNA testing of all products claiming to be 100% Egyptian Cotton. Notable retailers have been reprimanded for falsely labeling their products as it is against the law. Pure Parima, an authentic Egyptian Cotton retailer of Pure Egyptian Cotton products with the seal of the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA), fully supports the CEA in their accreditation process.

Pure Parima believes this accreditation process is important to protect consumers and the Cotton Egypt Association brand. Pure Parima is in full support of DNA testing and is cooperating and contributing to the protection and integrity of genuine Egyptian Cotton.

Tips to Identify Fake Egyptian Cotton

Here are a few tips for consumers to follow if they are looking for pure high-quality Egyptian Cotton.

  • Check the price. Egyptian Cotton is the rarest cotton available because it is in only grown in the fertile Nile River Valley. Egyptian Cotton products don’t have to be unaffordable, but $50 sheets on Amazon are likely blended with cheap quality cotton or are simply falsely labeled.
  • Research the company. A simple search on Google will likely bring up results about any issues of their authenticity. Consumers may call the company and ask for proof of supply for their Egyptian Cotton. Companies that are using 100% pure, authentic Egyptian Cotton should be able to provide a certification from the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA).
  • Read reviews and testimonials. There are certainly fake reviews and testimonials as well, but it is easier to discriminate between them as they will seem generic and repetitive.
  • Egyptian Cotton is smooth, soft, strong and durable. If the product you purchased does not reflect these characteristics, it may not be pure Egyptian Cotton.

The Only Way to Be Sure

Certified Egyptian Cotton Seal

The only way for consumers to be absolutely sure that the product they’re purchasing is made with 100% Egyptian Cotton is to look for the CEA’s Accredited Gold Seal. Some retailers use fake seals and knock-offs of the Cotton Egypt Association’s Logo, or completely omit the logo altogether, but Pure Parima proudly displays our Gold Seal that includes our license number. All Pure Parima products are crafted with 100% Certified Egyptian Cotton so you never have to wonder if you’re buying authentic Egyptian Cotton.

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  • John

    In your article; “How To Identify Fake Egyptian Cotton” you show two “logos” or “seals”. The first seal you show is a triangle that says “authentic seal of egyptian government”. The second seal you show is a circle with a gold perimeter.
    It says: “accredited gold seal #0879” The explanation of these two seals is incomplete and confusing. Do you mean
    any sheets that have EITHER of these seals is authentic?? Or, do you mean ONLY sheets that have the circular gold seal are authentic 100% long staple Giza cotton from Egypt?? Thank you

  • Trish

    I have been taken by a company on Amazon. Mayfair Linen, Inc. is very good. They have all the fancy symbols to fool the best of researchers. I wish I would have found this article sooner to know what the legitimate symbol was. Mayfair Linen, Inc. is knowingly defrauding Consumers.

  • Katharine Hughes

    I bought two duvets in white and absolutely love. The softness is incredible and they was so well that you don’t have to iron, although I do and it takes just a few minutes. I’m going to order sheets as well. My favorite over Frette!

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