How to Choose a Quality Bathrobe

pure parima how to choose quality bathrobe

So you’ve decided to put yourself first and treat yourself to the luxurious spa-night you deserve. But what would it be without a sumptuous bathrobe? We’ll help you identify a quality robe so you can be sure you are getting only the best. Take a look at these key features that you should look for when choosing a bathrobe. 


When it comes to bathrobes and towels, there are a large variety of materials used to create these bathroom essentials, however the material you choose is probably one of the most important decisions. Look for a high quality, durable material that will last you years to come. Egyptian cotton contains rare extra-long staple fibers which creates distinguishably soft and durable fabric. Egyptian cotton terry bathrobes will provide an enhanced plushness and quality that will keep you from taking it off! 

pure parima egyptian cotton robe


Grams per square meter, or gsm, refers to the amount of cotton used within each square meter. For example, robes with a lower gsm like 200 or 300 are considered thinner, lighter, and less likely to keep you warm and dry. Look for a gsm rating higher than 400 for ultra plushness and absorbency. Our Egyptian cotton terry bathrobes are 500 gsm for a luxuriously soft and plush texture.


When using your bathrobe, it’s important that the robe is able to absorb any remaining moisture that is left after you step out of the shower. If the robe is made with a thin material that is unable to take hold of the water, what is the point of the robe in the first place? As previously mentioned, look for a high gsm rating as well as a quality material for your bathrobes to ensure high absorbency for a perfect dry every time.



Everyone’s comfort level is different and your hand feel preference may not be the same as everyone else. So, be sure to find a bathrobe that provides an adequate amount of comfort for your satisfaction. After all, you will be using it directly on your skin so it is important to choose a robe that won’t lead to any sort of irritation.


Like towels, bathrobes need to withstand constant use and contact with moisture. Your bathrobe should provide high durability for a long-lasting wardrobe essential. Egyptian cotton, known for its luxurious hand feel, is also known to be extremely durable in that the fibers are longer and stronger than other cottons. Invest in quality pieces that will last, so you can rely on that luxury spa experience for years to come.

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