How to Beat Those Hot Summer Nights

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets
Sleep is an important part of any healthy routine. Unfortunately, when summer hits, many of us have trouble getting our full eight hours of sleep due to being hot sleepers. Often, it’s because we’re too hot and we toss and turn at night! We probably think to turn on the fan or maybe lower the air conditioning, but what about changing our bedding?

If you tend to sweat at night, you should be using 100% Egyptian Cotton bedding

Egyptian Cotton bedding is the best option for those hot sleepers. Egyptian Cotton is the highest quality textile you can wrap yourself in at night – not only is it lightweight and durable, but it’s also moisture wicking and extremely soft.

Lightweight & Breathable

Egyptian Cotton is known for its extra-long staple fibers. Having these extra-long staple fibers mean that the yarn spun can be thinner and stronger, which is one of the reasons why Egyptian Cotton bedding can be so lightweight and breathable. Fewer threads are able to fit comfortably in a single square inch of fabric, creating a luxurious feel in a smaller thread count.
pure egyptian cotton sheets

Long-Lasting & Absorbent

Bedding made of Egyptian Cotton is extremely absorbent. If you’re a heavy sweater, your Egyptian Cotton bedding will be able to wick away any moisture to help keep you cool at night. This means that Egyptian Cotton also absorbs and holds dyes better than other materials. Your colors will be long-lasting and bold after every wash.

Extremely Soft, Like Silk

Pure Egyptian Cotton is most often compared to silk because of how soft and luxurious it feels against your skin. Because the cotton is hand-picked, the fibers go through less stress than cotton that’s picked by heavy machinery which helps keep the fiber intact and the threads strong to help weave an extremely lightweight and soft material.
certified egyptian cotton
Pure Parima sheets are made with 100% Egyptian Cotton, certified by the Cotton Egypt Association to create luxuriously soft, breathable bedding. Shop the best Egyptian Cotton sheets for better sleep today!

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