Do Egyptian Cotton Sheets Get Softer After Every Wash?

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Egyptian cotton sheets are widely regarded as the most luxurious option in the world of bedding. However, even the most devoted Egyptian cotton enthusiast has likely noticed that the sheets are at their softest after a few washes. That’s because newly purchased sheets tend to be a little stiffer. Whether you love the fresh feel of percale or the smoothness of sateen, there are steps you can take to ensure your Egyptian cotton sheets feel like silk against your skin. Keep reading to learn why Egyptian cotton gets softer with every wash along with tips on selecting the ideal sheets for sleep.

Why Egyptian Cotton May Feel Crisp

As a result of the manufacturing process, new sheets tend to be a little stiffer than those that have been in your linen closet for years. Fortunately, the quality of Egyptian cotton bedding means that it gets softer with every wash without ever pilling, tearing, or becoming scratchy to the touch. Made with extra-long staple fibers, Egyptian cotton is at once highly durable and deliciously silky. 

Want to aid your sheets in growing soft and smooth? Check out these tips for helping soften your sheets and pillowcases so you can enjoy them for years to come.


You probably know that high-quality, gentle detergent is crucial for maintaining the beauty and integrity of your Egyptian cotton sheets. However, you might not realize that the simple process of washing your sheets can help make them soft and supple to the touch. For best results, use about half the recommended quantity of detergent, as more can cause a buildup that makes fabric stiff. If you’re concerned you’ve overdone it on the laundry detergent, feel free to run an extra rinse cycle in order to remove residue. As a bonus, washing sheets in cold water helps prevent them from shrinking in the machine. Never use bleach with your Egyptian cotton sheets, as it will damage the natural fibers over time. Instead, use a spot treatment on stains to protect your bedding for the long haul.

Household Remedies

If washing your sheets in detergent isn’t yielding the desired results in terms of softness and comfort, there are some home remedies you can try. Vinegar and baking soda have both been proven to help soften sheets. When washing your Egyptian cotton, start by using detergent as usual. Then add a fourth of a cup of white vinegar to the washer. Alternatively, you can skip washing with detergent and instead toss a cup of baking soda in with your linens. The end result is silky soft sheets that feel delightfully smooth to the touch.


Using the right drying routine is a great way to preserve the softness of your Egyptian cotton for years. Because high agitator levels can damage Egyptian cotton sheets, we recommend opting for a low, gentle spin setting. Doing this also reduces the odds of your bedding shrinking in the wash. While we don’t recommend using dryer sheets with your Egyptian cotton, as the chemicals can damage the natural fibers, wool dryer balls offer a safe alternative. And, of course, if you have the time and inclination, hanging your sheets on the line to dry is always the best choice for keeping them smooth and soft for years to come.

The Softest Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Ultimately, sheet selection is a personal decision. However, those who prioritize softness will likely be happiest with a sateen sheet. Featuring a three-over, one-under weaving pattern, sateen sheets offer all the breathability and durability of 100 percent Egyptian cotton but feel as soft and smooth as silk. For a truly luxurious night’s rest, we think you can’t go wrong with our Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Collection. This stunning set gets added oomph factor thanks to sumptuous triple embroidered stitching over the softest opaque sateen. The Triple Luxe Collection comes complete with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two coordinating pillowcases. Note that the fitted sheet boasts an 18-inch deep pocket so making the bed is a breeze. The pillowcases include envelope closures. It’s manufactured with OEKO-TEX® Certified Non-Harmful Chemicals and comes in an array of stripe options, including Arctic, Gold, Teal, Nickel, and Black.

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Make Pure Parima Your Choice for Comfort

At Pure Parima, we’re confident in the quality and softness of our bedding. To that end, we offer all our shoppers a risk-free trial of our Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases. Try our products for up to 100 nights, and if you aren’t completely satisfied, return them for a full refund. Whether you’re shopping for the silkiest sheets or the coziest quilted coverlet set, we’re confident there’s a piece in our collection to please. We look forward to helping you get a better night’s sleep.

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