Creating a Winter Sanctuary: How to Make Your Bed in the Colder Months

pure parima how to create winter bed

As the temperature continues to drop, it’s essential that we maintain a warm and cozy household. One of the best places to embrace the warmth is the bedroom where you can add and layer more bedding essentials to keep you warm through all the cold nights ahead. Here are a few of the basics that we recommend when building a bed for the winter time:

A Warm & Fluffy Duvet

Possibly considered a household staple, duvets are a great way to keep in warmth and provide a comfortable night’s sleep. To ensure adequate warmth during the colder season, be sure to pay attention to the material and fill power. Look for European White Goose Down fill with a fill power of 600+ for the perfect balance of plush and comfort. As fill power determines the fluffiness of the duvet, aiming for a number around 600 will give you the most comfort and breathability. Pair with our down pillows filled with the same high quality European White Goose Down, or try our down alternative pillows for a premium alternative fill whose loft mirrors the texture and warmth of genuine goose down. 

pure parima down duvet insert

Textured Coverlets & Throws

What better way to stay warm than by layering some comfy blankets? For a luxurious and sophisticated bed, add a texture coverlet to the end of the bed for style or as an additional blanket layer on top for more warmth. Our Egyptian cotton coverlets are diamond quilted for elegance and even fill distribution. Or try our Egyptian cotton knitted throws made with a seed-stitch knit for an exceptional hand feel and high-end look.

pure parima egyptian cotton coverlet

Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets

Every cozy bed starts with the sheets, so it’s important not to overlook the quality and material of your bed sheets. Egyptian cotton sateen provides stunning luxury with a soft and smooth hand feel while also keeping you warm all night long. Made with a one over, three under weave pattern, sateen is a great choice for cold sleepers or colder months. Paired with the exquisite nature of Egyptian cotton, these sheets will maintain a soft, warm, and breathable sleeping experience. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Plush Mattress Topper

If you are looking for a way to elevate your already sumptuous bed, look no further. Adding a sumptuous mattress topper made with quality materials will bring height and additional comfort for an even dreamier bed. With over 3” of cloud-like comfort, our mattress toppers are made to keep you comfortable all year round. Available in down and down alternative for your perfect sleep.

pure parima down alternative mattress topper

Shop Warm Bedding Essentials with Pure Parima

Find all your cozy bedding needs for the cold weather from 100% Egyptian cotton sheets to inserts and protectors. Create your dream cloud bed with quality and luxury so you can sleep safe and comfortably. Be sure to take our quiz for a personalized recommendation so we can help you find your perfect match! And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for special offers, early access to our best deals, and more!

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