Common Bedding Mistakes

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Unfortunately, there are quite a handful of misuse or incorrect care when it comes to your bed linens. We aim to make it clear and easy to identify those mistakes and correct them so you get the most out of your bedding. You invest time, effort, and money when choosing the right sheets, so ensure long-lasting quality by avoiding these common mistakes. 

Not Regularly Changing Out Your Sheets

Although this one may seem obvious, it’s recommended that you change out your sheets weekly, if possible. This constant cycle allows for consistent fresh and clean bedding which is important for skin and allergy health. The amount of dust, dirt, oils, and allergens that build up on your sheets can have a negative impact on breathability and comfort. Be sure to prioritize your wash routine and try to follow the recommended rule of thumb: three rotating sets. In other words, always keep 3 bedding sets for your bed (one on the bed, one in the wash, and one in the closet). This will ensure you always have a fresh set ready to go without waiting for the next.

Overlooking Mattress & Pillow Protection

Many people do not properly protect their bedding essentials including the mattress and pillow. While this may not seem like a necessary step in your bed-making routine, it is an essential part of protecting your bedding. Adding a mattress protector and pillow protector will help create an additional barrier between you and the mattress and pillow. Although you have your sheets and pillowcases ready to go, having another layer created solely for protection against spills, oils, and other unwanted stains will have your mattress and pillow lasting you many more years.

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Choosing the Wrong Weave, Material, or Fabric 

This mistake is largely based off preference and comfort satisfaction level. Most people don’t realize they are sleeping on the wrong weave or fabric for their body. Choosing quality fabric such as Egyptian cotton, known for its high breathability, extra soft hand feel, and durable fabric, gives you a much more comfortable sleep and lasts longer than your average cotton sheets. If you prefer a soft, silky, and smooth feel and consider yourself a cool sleeper, Egyptian cotton sateen would be a great choice. A sateen weave is made with a three-over, one-under weave pattern, providing more warmth and a softer feel. However, if you sleep hot and prefer a crisp, matte feel, Egyptian cotton percale is the way to go. Made with a one-over, one-under weave pattern, percale is known for its cooling feel and crisper finish, perfect for hot sleeper or those who reside in warmer climates. 

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Washing with Harsh Chemicals 

Never wash your sheets, especially high end luxury sheets, with harsh chemicals, as this will degrade the fabric and over time, destroy the fibers in the sheets making them pill, fray, and deteriorate faster. This includes harsh detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, bleach, and anything that can harm the linens. Use gentle detergents with cold water when washing and dry on low. This will ensure a deep, but gentle wash that won’t break through the fibers and harm the fabric. Egyptian cotton, made with rare extra-long staple cotton fibers, is known to get softer after every wash as well making it the perfect long-lasting material for a reliable, comfortable, sleep.

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