Beware of Egyptian Cotton Imposters

Beware of Egyptian Cotton Imposters

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It’s well known that Egyptian Cotton provides consumers with a superior sleep experience. However, sheet shoppers may not realize that a significant portion of the bedding that claims to be 100% Egyptian Cotton is actually comprised of lesser materials. In fact, a report by Applied DNA Sciences reveals that 89% of the sheets purporting to be Egyptian Cotton were non-compliant with their stated fiber content. So it’s no surprise that companies accused of selling products falsely labeled Egyptian Cotton bed sheets are now facing legal consequences. Read on to learn more about this “sheet suit” and discover tips for steering clear of bedding imposters.

Fake Egyptian Cotton Lawsuit Moves Forward

This week, a federal judge ruled that a lawsuit targeting Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond would move forward. The suit accuses the retailers of selling products labeled 100% Egyptian Cotton bed sheets or 100% Long-Staple Egyptian Cotton even though they had doubts as to the products’ true origins. According to the lawsuit, Walmart had known the products in question were mislabeled since 2008. 


The lawsuit alleges that consumers across the U.S. overpaid for these products, which contained cotton produced by Indian textile company, Welspun India Ltd. Bedding brands listed in the complaint include Fieldcrest, Royal Velvet, Better Homes and Gardens, Canopy, Crowning Touch, and Perfect Touch, according to court documents.

Are You Buying 100% Egyptian Cotton?

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With fraudulent bedding products flooding the marketplace, consumers need a reliable way of distinguishing real Egyptian Cotton sheets from the imposters. One of the best ways to ensure the products you’re buying are really 100% Egyptian Cotton is to look for the Cotton Egypt Association seal on the package. This organization utilizes the latest scientific technology to identify the genomic fingerprint of the cotton and confirm that it’s 100% pure. At Pure Parima, we’re proud to say that every one of our bedding products boasts this coveted seal of approval.

Additionally, customers should beware of purchasing products with a low price point. Because Egyptian Cotton features higher-quality fine fibers, it tends to come with a higher price tag. The end result is that the product is softer and more durable, lasting longer than the competition.

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Shop Pure Parima for Your Bedding Needs

At Pure Parima, we strive to bring true luxury and transparency back to the bedding industry. We vow to source certified raw materials and produce long-lasting bedding products that look beautiful and feel incredible against the skin. Shop the best Egyptian Cotton sheets today and start sleeping easier.

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