Accessibly Made Linens: Enhancing Comfort and Inclusivity in Home Decor

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

In today's world, the concept of accessibility extends far beyond physical spaces. It encompasses every aspect of our lives, including our homes. One often-overlooked area in this regard is linens – the sheets, towels, and tablecloths that adorn our living spaces. Accessibly made linens are a game-changer for those with diverse needs, promising comfort, inclusivity, and sustainability.

What Does It Mean to Be Accessible?

Designed to cater to individuals with various abilities, our accessible sheets ensure that everyone can enjoy a comfortable and dignified experience. These linens are crafted with thoughtful attention to detail, using materials and designs that prioritize ease of use, maintenance, and safety.

One key feature of accessibly made linens is the choice of materials. Sustainable and hypoallergenic fabrics like Egyptian cotton is a popular choice. Not only gentle on the skin, Egyptian cotton is also environmentally friendly, reducing allergen exposure and promoting a healthier living environment. Moreover, linens designed for accessibility often incorporate adaptive features. Take a look at the features our sheets and duvet covers come equipped with to make it accessible for everyone. 

Elastic Corner Straps

All of our fitted sheets come with elastic corner straps on all four sides making it a breeze for those with limited mobility. This feature also eliminates the likelihood of your sheet slipping off the bed so you can be sure your sheets stay on securely all night long. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Duvet Cover Ties

Duvet cover loops allow for a reliable way to keep your duvet insert and cover together regardless of how much tossing and turning you do during the night. Having a quick and easy way to put your duvet cover on will create a simpler bed-making experience, thus allowing you to spend more time sleeping and less time worrying.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Hidden Zippers

Keeping your duvet covers and shams closed and snug should not be a challenge. We opted out of the use of buttons for your comfort and ease of use, after all, making the bed should be a rewarding and productive experience. Our shams and duvet covers come with hidden zippers for ease of use and a clean, luxurious look.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets 

Shop Accessible Luxury with Pure Parima

Designed to complement a variety of interior styles, your bed linens should ensure a seamless integration into any home decor. Whether you are looking for percale or sateen, find accessible luxury with Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers and create your dream bed. Take our quiz for a personalized recommendation and sign up for our newsletter for special promos, and more!

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