Your Guide to Pillow Sizing

pure parima guide to pillow sizing

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which pillow is right for you. Not to mention what you should cover it with - pillowcase, sham, pillow protector? We’re here to give you all the answers so it’s easy to decide which is right for you and what the purposes are for each. Take a look at the different pillow and cover sizes to help guide you on your next purchase.


Finding the right sleeping, accent, decor, and support pillow may be a struggle, but it’s important to know which one is best for your needs:

Standard Pillow

Your standard sleeping pillow is what’s used for everyday sleeping and napping. Because of this, the standard pillow is where you want to focus most of your attention when it comes to material, fill, comfort, and size. Standard size pillows are most commonly used on twin, full, and queen size beds, as they fit the proportions properly. Our standard pillows measure 20” W x 26” L.

King Pillow

The same purpose as the standard pillow, your king size pillow is a bit larger and used on king size beds and bigger. They are usually the same width but a longer length, providing a little more room to stretch. Our king pillows measure 20” W x 36” L. 

Euro Pillow

Euro pillows are known for their unique square shape that is usually used as decor. When the bed is fully made, you will most likely see these pillows placed in front of the standard or king size pillows to break up the shape, and provide a well-balanced look and feel. Our euro pillows measure 26” W x 26” L.

pure parima down alternative euro pillow

Pillow Covers

So now that you have identified your perfect pillow, let’s dive into the different covers that can be used over them and if their purposes differ:


Pretty self explanatory, your pillowcase encases your standard or king size pillow for comfort and protection while you sleep. Your pillowcase will be in direct contact with your skin so it is important to prioritize the material, quality, and certifications that come along with it. Our pillowcases are generously sized so you can be sure they won’t slip off throughout the night. You should try to wash your pillowcase every week or as often as you wash the rest of your sheets. Our standard pillowcases measure 20” W x 30” L and our king pillowcase measures 20” W x 40” L and feature pillowcase pockets for extra security.

pure parima egyptian cotton pillowcase

Pillow Protector

Placed between your standard or king pillow and pillowcase, a pillow protector provides an enhanced protective barrier for your pillow, keeping it as clean as possible for long-lasting durability. Since it is not directly in contact with your skin, it does not need to be washed as often as your pillowcase, but should be cleaned every couple of weeks. Our standard pillow protectors measure 20” W x 28” L and king pillow protectors measure 20” W x 36” L and come equipped with hidden zippers for ease of use.

pure parima egyptian cotton pillow protector


Available in standard and king size, shams are meant to cover your sleeping pillow and intended for decorative purposes. Normally your shams would match your duvet cover, comforter, coverlet, or quilt to provide a stylish look to the made up bed. Shams usually come with a zipper or tie feature to keep it closed and look presentable and clean. All of our shams come equipped with hidden zippers for ease of use and minimal visibility. Our standard shams measure 20” W x 26” L and our king shams measure 20” W x 36” L.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Euro Sham

Euro shams are shams that cover your euro pillows instead of your standard or king size pillows. These shams are square shaped to fit the euro pillows securely and are also used for decorative purposes. Many people like to go for patterned or printed shams for their euro pillows to provide a change of scenery to the bed and break up the matching pieces. Also equipped with hidden zippers, our euro shams measure 26” W x 26” L.

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