Why Is It Hard to Find Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

pure parima why is it hard to find egyptian cotton sheets

Peruse the aisles of your local bedding retailer or browse the pages of your favorite boutique shop, and you’re sure to see multiple products claiming to be Egyptian cotton. Unfortunately, most of the items with the Egyptian cotton label actually contain lesser cottons and blends. As a result, consumers often pay hundreds of dollars for bedding that isn’t the real deal. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about providing the highest-quality Egyptian cotton that’s both exceptionally soft and aesthetically pleasing. Keep reading to learn more about why it’s hard to find Egyptian cotton sheets and discover tips on identifying the real deal. 

What Counts as Egyptian Cotton

The first step in identifying real Egyptian cotton sheets is determining what qualifies as Egyptian cotton. True Egyptian cotton originates from the cotton species known as Gossypium Barbadense. Although this plant is similar to the one from which Pima cotton comes, it grows in Egypt, blessed with a naturally warm and mild climate. As a result, Egyptian cotton fibers grow longer and stronger than those of other varieties. The end result is a bedding product that feels both silky soft and breathable and resists pilling, ripping, and tearing. 

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How to Identify Real Egyptian Cotton

Scammers are everywhere in the world of bedding. Fortunately, there are ways to evaluate potential purchases and determine whether what you’re buying is pure Egyptian cotton or a substitute. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for Egyptian cotton sheets:


One of the best ways to evaluate bedding items is to consider the price tag. Because Egyptian cotton is exceptionally rare, accounting for just a tiny percentage of all the cotton sold in the world, it tends to be on the pricey side. In other words, a set of sheets on sale for $20 or $50 probably isn’t the real deal.


The sad fact is that companies aren’t always honest about their wares. If you want to increase your odds of purchasing certified Egyptian cotton, it’s a good idea to research the company in question. You can also choose suppliers like Pure Parima who only sell products bearing the Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval. This certificate indicates that products are made with 100 percent authentic Egyptian cotton sourced in the Nile River Valley.  pure parima certified egyptian cotton


Reading testimonials and reviews is another way to ensure potential purchases are wise. Look for companies that post plenty of evaluations from satisfied customers. Additionally, you can seek out reviews from sites like Apartment Therapy or Sleep Foundation. The goal is to source data from people who tested the products and can comment on their comfort and quality. 


In some cases, it may be possible to try Egyptian cotton bedding for yourself. For example, Pure Parima offers customers a 100-day trial so you can sleep on your new sheets before making a commitment. For best results, look for your Egyptian cotton bedding to have a silky feel if it’s sateen or a crisp texture if it’s percale. Additionally, your sheets should feel strong, durable, and breathable, allowing heat and moisture to pass through rather than accumulate on the body. 

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Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about supplying 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton sheets and bedding products. Whether you want something to keep you warm in winter or help you stay cool in summer, one of our collections is sure to meet your needs. Here are two of the most popular options for those seeking beautiful bedding that’s built to last:

Yalda Sheet Set

Featuring extra-long staple hand-picked cotton fibers, our Yalda Sheet Set marries sophistication and style. At once contemporary and elegant, this set is crafted with double-hem stitching and boasts a silky sateen texture. Available in a wide range of sizes, the Yalda Collection comes in on-trend hues like Canyon and Midnight along with classic shades such as White and Grey. pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Ultra Percale Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

Do you tend to sleep hot? Are you tired of night sweats? The Ultra Percale Sheet Set is the perfect solution. Part of the Hotel Collection, this set boasts matte percale fabric with a fresh-feeling finish. The sleek yet simple design melds flawlessly with a wide range of decor choices. Additionally, the set comes in popular colors, including White, Carbon, and Slate. Choose from sizes twin, full, queen, king, and California king.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Discover the Benefits of Better Sleep

At Pure Parima, we’re proud to offer products made from 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton sourced from the Nile River Valley. Our confidence in our bedding allows us to offer a risk-free guarantee. If for any reason you don’t love your Egyptian cotton sheets or bedding products, simply return them within 100 nights for a full refund. We look forward to showing you the difference better bedding can make in your life.

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