Why Are Duvet Covers Worth It?

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The topic of duvets versus comforters has plagued bedding buyers for years. And while we at Pure Parima certainly have our own feelings on the subject, that’s not the topic of today’s blog. Instead, we want to discuss an important question: What exactly are duvet covers and are they really worth it?

A covering for your duvet or comforter, a duvet cover is a type of bedding that resembles a soft fabric bag. Just as pillowcases are used to keep your pillows safe from dust and sweat, duvet covers provide a protective coating for your duvet. Additionally, this bedding item offers a stylistic advantage, in that families can purchase duvet covers in a wide array of colors and materials based on their changing tastes. Want to learn more about the all-important duvet cover? Keep reading for details.

How Duvet Covers Work

A duvet cover can only work as it’s meant to when used correctly. For best results, make sure the duvet fits snugly inside the chosen cover. Depending on the duvet cover you choose, it might have ties inside to hold the duvet in place so it can’t roll down or scrunch up while you sleep. Some duvet covers have zipper closures while others feature buttons or ties. Simply slip your duvet cover off when it needs washing and launder it along with your sheets and pillowcases.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton duvet cover features

Benefits of a Duvet Cover

Using a duvet cover comes with numerous advantages over placing a duvet or comforter on the bed bare. Read on for some of the benefits of adding a duvet cover to your bedding collection.

Your Comforter Lasts Longer

The top reason to purchase a cover for your duvet is to protect it for the long haul. While a flat sheet offers some barrier between your body and blanket, it’s easy for this sheet to slip down during the night. In particular, those who tend to roll around a lot while they slumber will likely wind up sweating on their comforter. An unprotected duvet will require more washing. The end result is that the shell becomes weaker and the filling lumpy and less comfortable.

Covers Are Easily Cleaned

It’s no secret that cleaning duvets and comforters is a troubling proposition. After all, these thick bedding items rarely fit comfortably in a washer or dryer. Moreover, some comforters are made from materials that aren’t meant to be washed. If you want to keep your bedding clean, a washable duvet cover is the most logical choice. You can toss your duvet cover in the washer with your sheets and then dry it on low in no time. The end result is sweet-smelling bedding that lasts for years.

You Can Revamp Your Decor on a Dime

It’s natural to grow tired of your current bedroom decor. After all, you look at your sheets and blankets every night. When you use covers on your duvets, you give yourself a more affordable way of switching up your decor when the mood strikes. Try a different style, color, or even a playful print. You can also switch among cotton weaves. Depending on your preferences, you may opt for a crisp percale or a silky-soft sateen.

Best Duvet Covers for a Great Night's Sleep

Without a good night’s sleep, it’s almost impossible to accomplish the day’s tasks. Fortunately, the right bedding can make all the difference. So what duvet cover will help you rest easy? Here are some of our favorites.

It’s hard to beat the lustrous feel of our Hira Duvet Cover Set. Featuring a 100 percent Egyptian cotton duvet cover and matching shams, this delightfully silky collection gets added style points thanks to the contemporary accent diamond embroidery. Choose from your favorite on-trend hues including Soft Peach, Spa, and Midnight.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton duvet cover sateen

Then again, perhaps you prefer a duvet cover that’s as sleek and crisp as your favorite set of sheets. If so, consider the fresh, clean feel of our Hotel Collection Ultra Percale Duvet Set. The timeless design and matte finish makes this cover and matching shams a perfect option for those with modern design tastes. Plus, the cooling weave of the cotton makes the Ultra Percale Duvet Cover ideal for hot sleepers and allergy sufferers alike. Choose from classic shades White and Carbon. Matching sheets are available for purchase.

Trust Pure Parima With Your Family's Bedding

The Pure Parima team has absolute confidence in the quality and longevity of our bedding. To that end, we offer every customer a risk-free trial. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your sheets and pillowcases, simply return them within 100 nights for a full refund. Ready to experience a better night’s rest? Shop online today and take the first step toward joining the Pure Parima family. We look forward to having you.

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