What is a Seed-Stitch Knit?

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As a textural addition to the bed, sofa, or any cozy lounge space, your throws, blankets, and shams can consist of various knitting patterns that can dramatically change the mood of the room. Our Egyptian cotton knit throws are made using a seed-stitch knit that provides the perfect amount of texture and style to enhance any space. But what exactly is a seed-stitch knit and how can it create such a luxurious piece?

Stitching Pattern

Seed-stitch knitting consists of alternating between both knit and purl stitches for a visually appealing textural look. This differs from other knits like the rib stitch which does not alternate between the stitches and is a little less complicated. This knitting pattern creates a seed-like look, hence the name. Because of the cluster of stitches, it results in this luxurious textural look and feel that can create a balanced look in the room.

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Egyptian Cotton Fabric

The fabric that is used to create this beautiful stitch pattern is essential when it comes to the quality and durability of the blanket or throw. Because of the rare extra-long staple fibers, Egyptian cotton creates a fabric that will last longer and result in a softer, more luxurious piece. Our Egyptian cotton knit throw consists of a seed-stitch weave that pairs perfectly with our Yalda duvet cover set and diamond quilted coverlet for the ultimate luxurious bed combo. 

Egyptian Cotton Throw

Inspired by the art of comfort, this Egyptian cotton knit throw brings a stylish statement to the arm of a sofa or at the foot of the bed. With a substantial seed-stitch knit, our throw lends a dense and sumptuous feel, offering a relaxed and inviting touch reminiscent of a warm and welcoming home. Whether you're enjoying movie nights or indulging in a cozy nap, this throw is the perfect textured throw to curl up with, combining style and lavish comfort effortlessly.

pure parima egyptian cotton throw

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