What is a Good Thread Count for Your Sheets?

Nothing makes people happier than jumping into beds that have high quality sheets. A good quality sheet set ensures a perfect night’s sleep; therefore quality should not be comprised on. According to consumers, high quality sheet sets, which are higher in thread count, can help make the bed more comfortable.

So, what is a thread count?

Thread count is defined as the number of threads in one square inch of fabric, and what is usually used to measure the quality of the sheets. This is the number of threads woven in the fabric horizontally and vertically. To increase the thread count, more threads are woven into one square inch of the fabric.

The “Higher the Thread Count Means, Better Quality Fabric” Myth:

When it comes to choosing the right sheet sets, people consider the number of threads in the fabric. This is all due to the fabricated myth that began as a marketing scheme by bedding manufacturers. These manufacturers began to add extra threads in the fabric and produce higher thread count bedding products to market “higher quality” to increase sales and sell their products at unreasonably higher prices. This marketing scheme has been ingrained in consumers that now thread count is one of the main components considered when purchasing new bedding products.

The Drawbacks of Higher Thread Count:

A higher thread count does not necessarily always mean better quality. There is a sweet spot that must be achieved in the amount of thread count, too low and it is not soft enough and if one goes too high, then the fabric becomes too stiff. Instead of enhancing the quality of your sheets, higher thread count can cause these issues;

(i)     Heavier Material:

Increasing the number of thread count in the fabric makes the fabric heavier and thus less suitable for everyone. A heavier sheet set is not comfortable and does not provide airflow.  

(ii)   Coarse Sheets:

No one wants to sleep in stiff and coarse bed sheets after a long and tiring day. Sleeping in stiff sheets reduces your overall quality of sleep.

(iii)  Cheap Quality Cotton:

In order to cut down on costs of making higher threat count products, manufacturers use weak, cheaper and short-staple cotton threads. This lowers the quality of the sheet set while retaining their fraudulent “higher quality” nametag and expensive prices.

The Best Thread Count:

So, is there a thread-count that actually increases the quality of bedding? Thread counts between 300-400 are what you must look for. A sheet set with a higher thread count will not enhance the quality of the bedding but it will make the bed sheet heavier and coarse. This will, in result, will leave less breathing room for you while you sleep. The perfect level of softness, comfort, and luxurious feel your body needs to rest can be achieved through a bed sheet thread count of 300-400. A sheet set of a higher thread count will not of good use so make sure you do believe the propaganda started by other manufacturers.  

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