What Is a Duvet Cover?

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover
Duvets have long been the rage in Europe. However, in America, this bedding article is still relatively new. Fortunately, shoppers are now starting to discover the value of duvets, as well as the all-important duvet cover.  Wondering if you should upgrade your old comforter for something fresh? Read on for an in-depth look at duvets and duvet covers and discover why this bedding component may be right for you. 

What Is a Comforter?

A key bedding item, comforters keep sleepers warm and cozy on even the coldest of winter nights. These thick, fluffy blankets can be filled with natural or synthetic fibers and lie on top of the sheets. In most cases, comforters require dry cleaning and can’t be laundered in a washer or dryer. 

What Is a Duvet?

An alternative to the traditional comforter, a duvet refers to a fabric bag containing down or synthetic filling. Fluffy and cloud-like, duvets are perfect for cuddling on chilly nights, with the feathers acting as an ideal thermal insulator. Typically, duvets are paired with duvet covers to protect them from oil and other damage. However, these items are generally sold separately, and customers can swap them out based on their taste or mood.


What Is a Duvet Cover?

Just as you wouldn’t sleep on your pillow without a pillowcase, you shouldn’t use your duvet without an accompanying duvet cover. These items serve a key purpose in providing a protective layer between your skin and your duvet. In other words, a duvet cover protects your duvet from dirt, oil, and pet dander and helps sensitive skin avoid irritation. Because duvet covers are available in a wide array of colors and styles, shoppers aren’t limited when it comes to their decor. You can use the same duvet cover or swap it out for a different option when you feel like a change. 


Benefits of Using a Duvet Cover

If you’ve never used a duvet cover, then you may be unaware of the many benefits offered by this bedding article. From design to comfort to overall convenience, duvet covers provide serious value. Here are some of the many reasons to consider adding one to your current bedding collection. 

Easy Cleaning

One of the biggest benefits of using a duvet and duvet cover over a traditional comforter is that it allows for easy cleaning. While comforters typically require expensive dry cleaning, duvet covers slip right off the duvet, meaning you can wash them at home in the machine. This convenience factor is particularly important for families with children or pets that may spend time on the bed. As a bonus, washing just the duvet cover helps keep the duvet stronger longer.

Protection for Your Duvet

Failing to protect your duvet can leave it vulnerable to damage. Along with issues caused by kids or pets, uncovered duvets are likely to develop stains from bodily oils, dirt, and dust. When you use a duvet cover, you can feel confident knowing your blanket will last longer. Additionally, an Egyptian cotton duvet cover can protect your skin from irritation if your duvet has any pilling.

Decorator Friendly

If you regularly grow tired of your bedroom decor, you’re not alone. After all, we spend a third of our lives in bed, and it’s natural to get bored with your current style. Fortunately, using a duvet cover makes it easy to change up your look. You can try different colors and patterns based on your mood or swap out your look with the seasons. 

Best Duvet Covers for Every Customer

Wondering what duvet cover is ideal for your needs and preferences? The good news is that there are plenty of choices. If you love the silky feel of a sateen weave, you’ll likely appreciate our Triple Luxe Sateen Duvet Cover Set, part of the Hotel Collection. Moreover, the subtle stripe pattern works well with a wide array of design styles. 

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

For those who tend to sleep hot, percale may be preferable to sateen. This fresh, crisp-feeling weave is known for its cooling benefits. Highly breathable, percale lets moisture pass through so you don’t have to worry about waking up in a ball of sweaty sheets. We’re particularly fond of our Ultra Percale Duvet Cover Set, which adds a regal look to any home. Choose from an array of colors, including White, Carbon, and new shades of Bone and Slate.

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Shop Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers and More

There’s a reason review sites consistently rate Pure Parima above other bedding brands on the market. Unlike many of our competitors, we manufacture products using only 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton that was picked by hand in the Nile River Valley. Thanks to the fertile soil and warm climate, cotton fibers originating from this area are both silky soft and exceptionally durable. Rest assured knowing all our duvet covers and sheets bear the Cotton Egypt Association seal of authenticity. Ready to get a better night’s rest? Shop online today and start sleeping easier. 

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