Ways Healthy Sleeping Can Affect Your Day

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It’s no secret that modern life comes with numerous demands. Between the stresses of work and family, it’s hard to find time for hobbies, let alone sleep. Unfortunately, failure to sleep can have a seriously negative effect on your health and well-being. According to research, the average adult requires around seven to eight hours of sleep a night, while kids need approximately 10. If you aren’t getting sufficient rest, you might find yourself suffering a host of negative side effects. At Pure Parima, we believe everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and offer a wide array of products designed to help you rest easy. From 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets to cozy duvets, our bedding items are designed with your health and comfort in mind. Keep reading to learn how healthy sleep can affect your days (and your nights). 

Keep You Healthy

One of the biggest ways in which sleep can affect you is by keeping you healthy. While you probably know that you feel less than 100 percent when you don’t sleep a full eight hours, you might not realize insomnia can have long-term effects on your well-being. Science shows that your body releases hormones during sleep that are essential to repairing cells and maintaining appropriate body weight. Over the long term, neglecting to get enough sleep can lead to a host of problems, including obesity, heart disease, infections, and even depression. If you want to live your best life, sleeping the recommended seven to nine hours a night is a crucial step. 

Keep You Focused

Do you find yourself struggling to concentrate during the day? Is it hard to remember basic information or focus on problem-solving? If you’re not sleeping enough at night, you may find that your concentration suffers. Even one night of missed sleep can lead to a host of issues including slower reaction times, issues with attention, and memory problems. Moreover, regular insomnia can cause people to feel anxious or even depressed. By improving your sleep, you may just be able to boost your ability to function and even get that promotion you’ve been craving. 

Keep You Happy

Have you been feeling down lately? If so, lack of sleep may be the cause. Studies show that sleep-deprived participants report more bad moods and fewer good ones than those who get an appropriate amount of rest. Further sleep issues can be connected with mental health conditions like depression. If you want to stay happy and productive, then getting more sleep is crucial. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Cooling Sheets

While lack of sleep can have numerous causes, some are easier to fix than others. One of the best ways to improve the quantity and quality of rest you’re getting is to upgrade your bedding. Recognizing that night sweats make it hard to rest, we recommend that hot sleepers invest in a cooling bedding set. Part of our Hotel Collection, the Ultra Percale Sheet Set is crafted from 100 percent Giza cotton with a matte percale finish. Breathable and moisture-wicking, this fresh-feeling bedding is both crisp and cooling, so you don’t have to worry about waking up in a ball of sweat-soaked sheets. As a bonus, the set features a timeless design that will meld well with your existing furniture and decor. Prefer a bedding collection with a silkier feel? Consider our Triple Luxe Sateen sheet set for the ultimate in softness and comfort.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Down Pillow

It’s hard to sleep well if you have a crick in your neck. Fortunately, the right pillow can have a profound impact on your ability to fall asleep and stay that way through the night. If you find yourself waking up with aches and pains – or tossing and turning all night – it might be time to invest in a Down Pillow Insert. Made from responsibly sourced, eco-friendly European Goose Down, these medium firm pillows feature a fill power of 600+. The down provides exceptional warmth all winter long, while the light fluff retains its loft even after numerous washes. And because the pillow boasts a cooling 100 percent cotton cambric shell, you don’t have to worry about your head overheating at night. We also offer Down Alternative pillows for those who prefer bedding without animal components. Try one today and start enjoying the benefits of better rest. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Sleep Easier With Bedding From Pure Parima

A good night’s sleep can have a profound effect on your health and your life. Fortunately, Pure Parima has everything you need to rest easy. Check out our holiday gift guide for tips on finding Egyptian cotton sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and more. Whether you’re looking for something for someone you love or a special treat for yourself, we’re confident you’ll find what you need. 

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