The Best Sheets for Cuddle Weather

pure parima certified giza egyptian cotton sheets

On cold days, nothing feels quite as nice as curling up in a warm bed. But what’s the best way to create a snuggle-worthy resting place for chilly winter nights? When it comes to bedding, layering is essential. It’s not enough to toss a single sheet and blanket on your bed and call it a day. Whether you’re cuddling alone under the covers or snuggling up with someone special, you want to include both a fitted sheet and a top sheet made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton. At once warm and breathable, this material will keep you comfortable while protecting sensitive skin. Additionally, a good winter bed includes a duvet with a cover, a spare blanket, and of course plenty of plush pillows. Read on for tips on selecting the best sheets for cuddle weather, courtesy of the team at Pure Parima.

Why Sheet Selection Matters

After a long day at the office, slipping into a well-made bed is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your bedding is if it doesn’t feel soft to the touch. In particular, you should consider sheets and pillowcases with care, as these items come into the most contact with your skin. If your bedding is rough, scratchy, or otherwise uncomfortable, you might find yourself tossing and turning rather than getting a good night’s rest.

Additionally, the thickness and heft of your sheets matters. While you might think those heavy flannel sheets are perfect for winter, the truth is overly warm sheets can leave you feeling overheated. If you suffer from night sweats or just tend to be a hot sleeper, then it’s best to choose sheets that allow for air to pass through. In general, Egyptian cotton sheets are beloved for their crispness and breathability, making them a great option year round.

pure parima certified giza egyptian cotton sheets

Considering Thread Count

Thread count is a hot topic in the world of sheet selection. However, the truth is that this number rarely reflects the quality of bedding. Contrary to what some manufacturers would have you believe, there’s a limit to the number of sheets that can fit in a given square inch of fabric. So, bedding companies that claim to be selling 1500 thread count sheets are deliberately misleading customers by using lesser-quality threads twisted together. Rather than focusing on thread count, pay attention to the quality of the fibers making up your bedding. Composed of extra-long staple fibers from the Nile River Valley, Egyptian cotton is at once softer and more durable than the competition.

Considering Texture

Regardless of the time of year, it’s hard to go wrong with certified Egyptian cotton sheets. However, customers still have choices to make when it comes to selecting the best sheets for a snuggly winter night. One of the biggest considerations is texture, with some sleepers preferring sateen sheets while others love the feel of percale. 

Featuring a tight weave, sateen offers a warmer sheet with an ultra-soft texture that feels like silk against the skin. Additionally, this material boasts a beautiful sheen. If you love the look of lustrous bedding, sateen is a natural choice. 

On the other hand, hot sleepers may prefer the feel of percale in the bedroom. Cool, crisp, and fresh, percale has a looser weave which allows for greater breathability. If you want to avoid overheating during those all-night cuddle fests, percale may be the way to go.

pure parima certified giza egyptian cotton sheets

Choosing the Best Sheets for Snuggle Time

The good news is that Pure Parima offers plenty of options for selective sleepers. If breathability is a top concern, the Hotel Collection’s Ultra Percale Sheet Set is an ideal choice. Made from 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton, this set features a fresh, cool feel reminiscent of the bedding you’d find in the finest luxury hotel. As a bonus, this design boasts a matte finish that’s at once sophisticated and chic. It’s a great choice for customers who want to cuddle up without fear of overheating.

pure parima certified giza egyptian cotton sheets

Prefer a warmer sheet set that offers a luxurious feel? If so, the Ariane Sheet set is a great choice. This sateen design is made from hand-picked Giza Egyptian cotton and boasts self-colored scroll embroidery for that added hint of elegance. As a bonus, this line comes in an array of colors, including white, tan, and gray as well as less common shades such as icy blue. It’s a sweet choice for those who appreciate life with a little romance.

Sleep Easier With Egyptian Cotton Sheets

When you choose Pure Parima, you aren’t just getting the highest-quality Egyptian cotton sheets on the market. You’re also purchasing products that are environmentally conscious, natural, sustainable, and renewable. In this way, you’re doing your part to protect the world for future generations while preserving your family’s health and wellness. You can rest assured knowing all Pure Parima bedding is made from certified raw materials that hold up well after even hundreds of washes. Ready to start sleeping easier year round? Shop our sheet sets online and experience the difference that true luxury can make.

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