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Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Relaxing Sheets

Between COVID anxieties and budget-busting gas prices, there are plenty of reasons to go the staycation route rather than getting out of town this summer. A mashup of the words stays and vacation, this holiday at home allows you to save money without sacrificing the fun and relaxation promised by a work-time respite. The truth is your staycation can be just as satisfying as any expensive getaway – and a lot less stressful. The key is careful planning, and maybe a few purchases ahead of time. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about helping couples and families make the most of their leisure time. Here are some of the best staycation ideas that don’t require leaving town.

Unplug from Email

It’s hardly a vacation if you spend the whole time answering work emails or chatting with colleagues at the office. To ensure the best staycation, you and your partner should both commit to unplugging for a few days. Start by setting up an out-of-office autoreply so colleagues and supervisors remember that you’re taking time off. Then, disable notifications on your phone and iPad so you aren’t being bombarded by messages when you’re trying to do other things. The goal is to relax and spend quality time together.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Just because you live somewhere for a while doesn’t mean you’ve experienced everything that a city or town has to offer. If you want to save some money this summer, consider taking the time to be a tourist in your hometown. For example, you could visit a historic landmark, tour a local art museum, or plan a picnic at a nearby park. Depending on the season, there may even be special events like flea markets or festivals to enjoy. The idea is to try something new and view your town with fresh eyes.

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Picnic

Spa at Home

Who says you have to visit a hotel or resort to unwind? One of the best staycation ideas involves turning your home into a spa. Before your staycation, pick up some amenities in the form of lotions, creams, oils, and towels. Then you and your sweetie can indulge in activities like foot massages or shared bubble baths.

Have a Movie Day

When was the last time you and your sweetie settled on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite candy? For a romantic, relaxing staycation activity, it’s hard to beat a movie night for two. Along with picking up an assortment of treats, take steps to guarantee you’ll be comfortable all night long. We’re big fans of supporting the lower back with one of our Hira Decorative Lumbar Pillows. Available in an array of shades, this protective pillow boasts contemporary accent diamond embroidery over silky soft cotton sateen. Lovely and luxurious, the Hira pillow works just as well on your bed as it does on a couch or armchair.

Snuggle Up in New Sheets

Everyone loves the feel of hotel-quality sheets against the skin. However, you don’t have to book a five-star resort to get some much-needed rest and relaxation this summer. For a truly romantic staycation, think about investing in some new bedding. Those who appreciate a silky soft sheet with all the health benefits of cotton will surely enjoy our Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set. Part of our Hotel Collections, this 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton set is made from extra-long staple cotton fibers result in exceptional durability and superior shine. 

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheets

While some staycationers enjoy the feel of silk, others prefer a crisper bedding option. If fresh, clean sheets make your heart sing, you’ll surely love our Ultra Percale Collection. Available in both White and Carbon, this sheet set is perfect for snuggling. 

Of course, you want to be warm and cozy during your staycation experience. Snuggle in with our Diamond Quilted Coverlet Set. This Giza cotton set comes complete with a reversible diamond-patterned coverlet and matching shams featuring sateen backs. Match the set to your sheets or choose a fresh, fun shade like Icy Blue or Midnight. 

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Coverlet

Relax and Recharge With Help From Pure Parima

Bedding is a big decision, affecting not just the look of your home but also your family’s health and comfort. After all, poor-quality sheets can impact your sleep and impede your ability to work, study, or enjoy daily activities. At Pure Parima, we’re pleased to offer the highest-quality sheets made from materials you can trust. All our bedding products bear the coveted Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval, indicating that they contain 100 percent pure cotton from the Nile River Delta. Silky soft yet durable, our sheets utilize extra-long staple fibers. The end result is fewer breaks and a final product free from pilling and tearing. Ready to get a better night’s sleep? Shop our sheet sets online and start enjoying life more. 

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