Winter Edition Reads on Giza Cotton Sheets

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

With snow and ice buffeting much of the country at present, it’s natural that many of us are opting to stay indoors where it’s warm and dry. However, that doesn’t mean you have to resort to watching hours of mindless TV or breaking out a jigsaw puzzle to keep yourself entertained. If you want to practice a little self-improvement while the weather is chilly, consider spending a day curled up in bed reading a good book. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about creating bedrooms that combine comfort and luxury. Here are some of our top tips for enjoying the perfect reading day this winter no matter how low the temperature drops outside.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

If your plan is to spend the day snuggled up in bed reading, then it’s only natural to invest in a set of cozy sheets. After all, you aren’t likely to get much reading done if you’re constantly tossing and turning to find a better position. For the ultimate in satiny soft comfort, it’s hard to beat our Hira Sheet Set. Boasting 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton, this luxurious collection includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two coordinating pillowcases. The sateen weave will keep you warm while the contemporary accent diamond embroidery is sure to delight your senses. Choose from traditional sheet colors like White and Ivory or go outside the box with Spa, Icy Blue, or Charcoal.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheet set

Cozy Coverlet Set

When it comes to staying comfortable for those winter reading sessions, a blanket is an absolute must. Luckily, our Quilted Coverlet is perfect for snuggling up with a good book. This delightful set is made from 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton, so it will keep you warm without causing you to overheat. In fact, the breathability of Egyptian cotton means you don’t ever have to worry about winding up soaked in sweat while you’re lying in bed. Additionally, our coverlet set is beloved for its style, with shoppers praising the petite diamond reversible coverlet and coordinating shams. Rest your head on the quilted side or opt for the ultra silk sateen pillow back. Sophisticated yet accessible, this set comes in traditional colors as well as less common options like Linen, Soft Peach, and Midnight.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton coverlet set

A Warm and Tasty Treat

Whether you’re reading a popular page-turner or a much-loved classic, you’ll likely enjoy the experience more if you have some tasty snacks on hand. On winter days, it’s hard to beat the comfort of a cup of cocoa. We recommend indulging yourself by making your hot chocolate with milk instead of water. Drop in a few mini marshmallows and top the whole thing off with a spray of whipped cream. Not a cocoa lover? There’s nothing wrong with brewing up a strong cup of tea or coffee to luxuriate over in bed. Complete your snack with a few homemade cookies or a slice of chocolate cake from your favorite bakery.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets chocolate

Popular Page Turner

Of course, no reading day is complete without the most important item: a good book. If you’re struggling to find something to read, we recommend dropping by your local library. Don’t feel like leaving the house? Many cities feature online lending options, so books will be sent to your tablet when they become available. You can also save money by visiting a used bookshop or borrowing something intriguing from a friend. As a bonus, sharing books with buddies ensures you’ll both have something to chat about the next time you hang out together.

Experience True Comfort at Pure Parima

When you choose Pure Parima, you don’t have to worry about your sheets featuring lesser cottons or blends. That’s because every piece of bedding we sell boasts Cotton Egypt Association accreditation right on the packaging. You can feel confident knowing your family’s sheets and pillowcases are made with certified raw materials from the Nile River Valley and manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals. Ready to experience true comfort every time you set foot in the bedroom? Shop online for the perfect sheets for reading days and every day.

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