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pure parima egyptian cotton sheets
Don’t snooze on Valerie Aguiar, a DIY home decor vlogger who builds, designs, and finds dupes to help her 80k home decor lovers thoughtfully elevate their space on a budget. Valerie shares her home decor hacks and builds in more than just her own home to help friends and give followers a change of space for an endless stream of educational and entertaining content. Naturally, we partnered with Valerie to help her bring our simple yet elegant Yalda collection as a finishing touch to her latest design project and she fell in love with Pure Parima. With Valerie’s modern design takes combined with the elegant look and silky feel of our sheets, we’re excited to help her create more stylish yet comforting spaces. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re so excited to be featuring this incredible Mom in our very first Making the Bed series. Follow along with Valerie as she recently refreshed her bedroom for Spring and keep reading as to why she won’t sleep on anything else now.

You really are the culmination of a do it yourself-er, Mom, Wife, Business Owner, YouTuber, we’re inspired so thank you for partnering with us! Where did your love for decor and design begin?

It is such an honor to be featured, thank you! I have always had a creative spirit. I was one of the kids who always chose any artistic outlet wherever possible.

When I was a child, I watched my dad transform our family home from a house on 5 acres of weeds to a beautifully landscaped 5-acre ranch oasis. It was definitely a family effort, and we would all pitch in to help with different projects over the course of 13 years. I know without a doubt that this is where my imagination comes from when it comes to design and decor, being able to see potential and possibility in things others might not.

As a teenager, I fondly remember going to friends' houses and wanting to clean and organize their homes. I even surprised a friend's parents with a backyard makeover complete with a freshly stained deck, new plants, and backyard cleanup. I figured out early on that your environment has a significant effect on your mood and can dramatically change how you feel by changing your environment.

Now that I have my own home, I love to challenge myself with DIY projects and decorating my home as a reflection of my own personal style. Designing and decorating for others is a whole different ballgame than just for yourself, but I have found it to be extremely rewarding in helping others. There is no greater feeling than someone sending me over a message or sharing a project they completed by using one of my tutorials!

We’re fully into Spring now and you’ve just done an amazing bedroom refresh on your YouTube using our Yalda Sheets & Duvet Covers, how has your new bedding impacted your sleep, mood or lifestyle?

Let me start off by saying that I am a very hot sleeper. I have always struggled to find high-quality sheets and bedding sets that are soft yet still keep me cool at night. Pure Parima checks all the boxes! Their products are super soft, cozy, and stay very cool. Since I started using Pure Parima bedding, my sleep has definitely improved which helps me stay creative and able to bring amazing new content to my audience!

Check out Valerie's spring bedroom refresh video here!

What made you gravitate towards our Yalda collection?
I love the clean and simple lines of the Yalda Collection. A minimalistic look with small details is what I always gravitate towards in design and in my home.

What are some tips you have for someone looking to refresh their bed for Spring?
I would recommend using lighter fabrics. Bright whites are always my favorite way to make a room feel light and airy (hotel-esque), which is also perfect for spring and summer!

What are some steps you have taken to create a comforting space for you and your family at home?
My family and I are the definition of homebodies! We all love being at home and cannot wait to return when we’re out. I think the key to achieving that comfy and cozy home is upkeep. Currently, my home is in a place that I feel really good about (minus a few projects on the to-do list, of course!). I’ve found that keeping up with cleaning is a must. There is constant reorganizing, purging, and maintaining to have a home retain a minimalistic look (our garage is a totally different story, though!). The plus side is that less stuff means less to clean and pick up! It’s not always easy to maintain, and it takes a conscious effort to keep it up daily/weekly. Instilling the importance of maintaining, taking care of, and taking pride in their home is crucial for my boys.

Which room/space do you love spending the most time in with your kids and why?
We really love our garden. It has become a beautiful place to spend time in, whether we’re gardening, watering, or working on a project. I have found that some of our best and my favorite memories are in the garden, such as
watching the kids be excited to learn new things, experiencing the anticipation and joy of new tree and plant growth, and releasing baby insects each summer. Enjoying quality time as a family in nature is something that I was blessed with growing up, and I want to continue that tradition with my own family.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

If you could build your entire dream bed using anything from Pure Parima, what would those items be?
I am completely in love with the Yalda Collection that I currently have on my bed. If I could build another dream bed, I would choose the beautiful Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set from the Hotel Collection. It screams luxury and has a hotel-like aesthetic that is so dreamy when it comes to bedding! I always love a high-end look, and a beautiful and minimal style like the Triple Luxe Sateen set is just the way to achieve it!

What is a home decor trend you’d love to try right now?
I always love light and airy rooms, but lately I've seen some really 'moody' ones that have piqued my interest! We just moved my oldest son into the spare bedroom, and I'm now considering some moody paint ideas for that space. It may end up on our summer project to-do list!

Finally, how would you describe your perfect Mother’s Day?
Without a doubt, spending a day with my family is my ideal Mother's Day celebration. We all love being outdoors, whether it's just barbecuing, swimming, or tending to the garden in our own backyard. Perhaps visiting a nursery to pick out a few new plants would be the cherry on top of a perfect Mother's Day!

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