Make the Most of Your Luxury Bedding

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

If your bedroom isn’t your favorite room in the home, it might be time for a change. After all, a master bedroom should serve as a sanctuary and escape from the stresses of everyday life. It’s a place for you to rest, relax, and recharge while preparing for the day ahead. Whether you’re outfitting a new bedroom or redecorating an existing space, Pure Parima has everything you need to create a home haven. From certified Egyptian cotton sheets to pillowcases and accents, keep reading for our tips on making the most of your luxury bedding.

Invest in a Good Mattress

The average person spends seven to nine hours a night sleeping, so it’s only logical to make sure your mattress is up to snuff. For best results, do your homework when mattress shopping and try out several different options. If you don’t want to replace your mattress right now, consider purchasing a mattress topper to add some extra padding to your bed. Mattress pads can be especially helpful if your current mattress is too firm or wearing out in spots.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Choose Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Your sheets are the part of the bed that makes the most contact with your skin, so choosing the right set is of the utmost importance. In the past, homeowners tended to focus on thread count when shopping for sheets. While this number is important, customers should know that manufacturers often inflate thread counts by twisting weaker threads together. The truth is that only 800 quality threads fit in a given inch of fabric, and manufacturers advertising higher counts are effectively lying to consumers. For best results, choose 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets made from extra-long staple fibers picked in the Nile River Valley. Strong and supple, these sheets will last longer and feel better on sensitive skin.

Find the Right Comforter

On cold winter nights, nothing feels as cozy as a good comforter. When it comes to duvets, options vary, and the best fill may depend on whether you suffer from allergies or prefer down or synthetics. Regardless of your comforter choice, you should take time to consider the best duvet cover to protect your purchase. One of the benefits of an Egyptian cotton duvet cover is that it’s highly breathable. In other words, you don’t have to worry about overheating and waking up soaked in sweat. Additionally, the best Egyptian cotton duvets are durable, meaning they will rest pilling and tearing after even hundreds of washes.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton duvet cover set

Pay Attention to Pillows

If you want to make the most of your luxury bedding, it pays to focus on pillows. Of course, you have to select bed pillows that support your head and sleep style. For example, side sleepers have different needs from those who sleep on their back or stomach. Additionally, you should take some time to pick out your accent or throw pillows. Now is a great time to play with colors and textures. For example, bright hues can add interest to a neutral bedding palette. Additionally, you can incorporate throw pillows with different textures and sheens. We love the way velvets, velours, suedes, and metallics can give your bedroom a touch of whimsy.

Add a Throw Blanket

The final touch on a luxury bed, a throw blanket can help make your room look complete. While there’s no one rule for throws, we love the look of a solid-colored blanket featuring a fun texture. Faux fur blankets and chunky knits are great options for adding visual interest to your bed.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton coverlet

How to Care for Your Bedding

After spending days if not weeks choosing your luxury bedding, you naturally want to ensure it stands the test of time. Fortunately, Egyptian cotton is highly durable and holds up well to laundering. Still, there are some steps you can take to ensure your bedding stands the test of time.

When washing your sheets and pillowcases, start by separating loads by color. For example, if you have charcoal sheets and a white duvet cover, you should of course avoid washing these items together. For best results, turn pillowcases and duvet covers inside out prior to washing and ensuring all zippers are closed. You should also pre-treat any stains with warm water and detergent and let them soak for a half hour before tossing them in the washer. 

When washing Egyptian cotton sheets, avoid using hot water. We also recommend staying away from liquid fabric softeners, bleach, and dryer sheets. While it’s fine to toss sheets and bedding in the dryer, you should use a low heat setting to protect their longevity.

Choose Pure Parima for Luxury Egyptian Cotton Sheets

At Pure Parima, we believe everyone deserves access to luxury Egyptian cotton sheets and bedding. To that end, we go above and beyond to source high-end Egyptian cotton bearing the Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval. Additionally, we ensure every product we manufacture is created without harmful chemicals or substances. Our goal is to ensure you feel good about the products you’re buying and that every night’s sleep is a great one. Shop our sheet selection online and start making the most of your master bedroom.

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