Keeping Your Pure Parima Sheets Clean for the Long Haul

pure parima clean sheets

You put time and effort into choosing the right sheets, considering a wide array of factors from thread count to weave, brand to color, and style. If you’re pleased with your purchase, you naturally want to take steps to ensure it stands the test of time. The good news is that Pure Parima products have the strength and durability to go the distance. You just have to take proper care when laundering and storing them. From sheets to pillowcases, duvet covers to coverlets, here are some tips for keeping your bedding beautiful and clean for the long haul.

Sorting and Pre-Treatment

The process of maintaining your sheets starts before they go in the wash. To protect your bedding for the long term, begin by separating your sheets into whites, light colors, and dark colors. Doing this prevents dyes from bleeding and ensures your bedding maintains its beautiful appearance. After sorting your laundry, pre-treat any stains with warm water and detergent, letting it soak for a half-hour before rubbing the soap into the fabric. Finally, wring out the excess water and wash the sheets according to the care instructions on the tag. 

Washing Your Sheets

One of the benefits of Egyptian cotton is that it gets softer with every wash. The key is to follow the proper washing protocol to keep your bedding in good working order. For best results, turn pillowcases and duvet covers inside out and make sure any zippers are closed beforehand. The last thing you want is for your sheets to catch on your clothes. Then place bedding in a washer that isn’t too full along with the recommended amount of gentle, dye-free detergent. We recommend avoiding fabric softener and bleach, both of which can damage bedding. 

When washing sheets, it’s important to use cold water. Warm and hot temperatures can cause colors to bleed. The goal is to preserve the strength of the Egyptian cotton fibers in your bedding while minimizing color loss. For best results, aim to wash your sheets around once a week.

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheets Washed

Drying Your Sheets

While line drying is ideal, busy modern lifestyles mean that few of us have time to hang our bedding outside these days. Fortunately, it’s safe to wash your Pure Parima sheets and pillowcases in the dryer. To protect your investment, start by shaking out your bedding to unravel it and minimize wrinkles. Then use a low heat, delicate cycle to keep your sheets from shrinking. Try to remove bedding before it’s fully dry and make the bed immediately before wrinkles can set in.

Care and Ironing

While ironing your Pure Parima products isn’t necessary, many of us prefer the feel of smooth, wrinkle-free bedding. If you do opt to iron your sheets, use the cotton setting and check the bottom of the iron before applying. The last thing you want is browning to damage your beautiful bedding. For deep-set wrinkles, feel free to use the steam setting or apply water from a spray bottle. Be sure to use a towel when ironing over embroidery and stitching. 

Sheet Storage

The process of caring for your bedding doesn’t end when items come out of the wash. If you want to keep your sheets stronger longer, be sure to store them properly. Because Egyptian cotton needs to breathe, we recommend storing sheets in a cool, well-ventilated area of the home. While it’s fine to keep sheets in a linen closet, the best option is to store your bedding in the fabric pouch Pure Parima provides with every order. Doing this prevents dirt and odors from contaminating your bedding between uses. 

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Protecting Your Investment

Some families prefer to take additional steps to keep their bedding in good condition. To help you protect your investment, Pure Parima will soon be offering mattress pads and pillow covers. Mattress pads are particularly useful for families with small children or pets who might spend time on the bed. 

The Best Sheets for Every Body

When it comes to sheet selection, there’s no one right answer. Ultimately, the right sheets depend on your unique tastes and preferences. If you love all things silky, our Hira Sheet Set is the way to go. Supple and lustrous, this collection comes with contemporary accent diamond embroidery and is available in an array of shades.

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheets

On the other hand, maybe you prefer sleeping on sheets that snap. Crisp and fresh, our Ultra Percale Sheet Set features a matte finish and cooling percale cotton weave. Opt for simple White or go bold with our Carbon-colored set. Perhaps try Bone, one of our brand new shades, or Slate, a delicate blue grey coming soon.

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheets


Shop Pure Parima and Sleep Easy

Featuring extra-long staple cotton fibers, our Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases are exceptionally silky and surprisingly strong. Unlike our competitors, Pure Parima never passes off lesser kinds of cotton and blends as the real thing. You can rest assured knowing your new bedding will stay soft and pill-free no matter how many times you wash and dry it. Ready to enjoy better bedding? Shop online today and start getting more rest.

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