Is Egyptian Cotton the Key to Amazing Sleep

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheet sets

The answer is absolutely yes. The sad truth is that almost half of Americans report being exhausted 4-7 days out of their week due to their nightly sleep quality. We must invest in high-quality bedding to ensure that our bodies are recovering throughout the night. Keep reading to discover why Egyptian Cotton Sheets are the integral component for the fantastic night of sleep you have been missing.

What Makes Egyptian Cotton So Unique?

The Ancient Egyptians have been producing cotton since the era of royal pharaohs and great pyramids filled with treasure. Today Egypt is responsible for creating almost half of the world's supply of extra-long hand-picked threaded fabrics. Pure Parima’s Egyptian Cotton is certified to ensure that every fiber you are getting has come from the Nile River Valley. The Nile River is so special because of the rich soil that garners us with the strongest and smoothest thread produced globally.


pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Does Thread Count Matter?

Thread count is important for us to note as it gives us insight into the number of threads somebody can find in every square inch of fabric. You must take the time to find sheets with a high thread count, as this equates to softer sheets that will soften exponentially over time. Additionally, it is important to note the variety of threading available, such as Percale and Sateen. Egyptian Cotton Sheets with Percale weaving produce a lightweight and supercooling feel that is perfectly crisp to the touch. Pure Parima also offers luxurious Egyptian Cotton Sheets with Sateen threading for a soft, lustrous finish compared to that of satin.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Breathable, Soft, and Durable

Egyptian Cotton Sheets have so many added benefits to help enhance your night of sleep. If you are somebody that struggles with night sweats and is prone to overheating while you sleep, Egyptian cotton can provide you with lightweight breathability that will change the way you rest forever. Its moisture-wicking capabilities ensure you will no longer wake up drenched in sweat and will wake up feeling refreshed. The beautiful thing about Egyptian Cotton is that not only will you find it to be ultra-soft, but you will also notice that it is incredibly durable and will soften over time for a long-lasting lavish feel.

Most Importantly, Egyptian Cotton is Kind to Your Skin

Egyptian Cotton bedding is perfect for those with problematic skin, unlike traditional cotton, which can retain moisture and cause skin-irritating friction. Egyptian Cotton Sheets help prevent irritation with their ultra-smooth finish, ensuring there is no scratching at the skin’s surface or moisture barrier. Egyptian Cotton also provides a cooling effect giving a soothing feel to those with irritated skin.

Behind Pure Parima

All Pure Parima products are environmentally conscious, natural, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. Pure Parima is proud to have 100% certifiable Egyptian Cotton to gift you the night of rest you deserve.

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