Good Sleep Is Just a Giza Egyptian Cotton Sheet Away

Nile Rivery Valley

It Starts with Cotton Grown in the Fertile Nile River Valley

If you’re in the market for new sheets, then the odds are good you’ve heard of Egyptian Cotton. Durable and smooth to the touch, Egyptian Cotton is known for keeping sleepers cool and cozy all night long. However, you might not realize that this superior sheet material actually comes in different varieties. At Pure Parima, we’re proud to sell 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton sheets, one of the highest quality fabrics on the market.

What Is Giza Egyptian Cotton?

If you’re looking for Egyptian Cotton sheet sets that are truly exceptional, Giza Egyptian Cotton might be the source of your next great night’s sleep. Grown in Egypt along a particular section of the Nile, Giza 45 is widely regarded as the best cotton in the world. Soft and lightweight, this hand-picked cotton boasts long staples and thin fibers. There’s a reason Giza is known as the king of cotton.

So What Makes this Fabric so Incredible?

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Benefits of Giza Cotton

Giza cotton sheets offer numerous advantages for problem sleepers as well as those individuals seeking something luxurious. Read on for the benefits associated with 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton sheets:

i. Superior Feel

When it comes to selecting sheets, it’s no secret that feel is everything. After all, no one wants to sleep (or do anything else!) in a bed that isn’t soft and pleasing to the touch. The highest graded fiber among all Egyptian cottons, Giza boasts a uniformity index of 88.5, meaning the material contains few irregularities. As a result, Giza Egyptian Cotton feels smooth and silky.

ii. Cleaner Cotton

One of the many reasons customers favor Giza Egyptian Cotton is that it’s cleaner than other varieties. No, that doesn’t mean it’s been pre-washed. Instead, Giza Egyptian Cotton is harvested with special cultivation techniques, so it doesn't need to bleached or brushed like other fabrics. In other words, the cotton doesn’t undergo excess processing that could damage or weaken the fiber.

iii. Reduced Pilling

Few things are more annoying than buying an expensive cotton bedding set only to have it pill after the first few washes. Not only does pilling affect the appearance of your sheets, but it also feels scratchy and uncomfortable against the skin. Because Giza Egyptian Cotton features long fibers, there’s more surface area for the threads to grab on to one another. Stronger threads last longer and are less likely to pill or tear with washing.
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Shop Pure Parima for the Highest-Quality Cotton Bedding

Pure Parima offers a wide selection of 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton sheets. We look forward to helping you sleep easier.

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