Fall Holiday Hosting Tips: Creating a Cozy Guest Bedroom Retreat

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The crisp air and vibrant foliage of fall make it a delightful season for hosting friends and family during the holidays. As you prepare to welcome guests into your home, don't forget the importance of providing a comfortable and inviting guest bedroom. Here are some essential tips to ensure your guests feel right at home this fall.

Warm Bedding Choices

Fall nights can get chilly, so equip your guest bed with cozy, season-appropriate bedding. Consider adding extra throws and a duvet cover with a warm, autumnal color palette to make your guest bedroom feel extra inviting. Choose shades that incorporate the feeling of fall without sacrificing a home-y vibe. Try our limited edition shade, Canyon, for a terracotta delight or a more muted green shade like our Olive color available for a limited time. Pair with tans and neutrals for an inviting space your guests will be thankful for.

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Comfortable Mattress

A good night's sleep is essential for a pleasant stay. Make sure your guest mattress is comfortable by adding a mattress topper if necessary. Make sure any additions you provide, including the topper, is hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals so you can be sure you are giving your family and friends a comfortable and cozy stay. 

Bathroom Essentials

Ensure a spa like experience with a guest bathroom fit for royalty. Be sure to leave adequate bath essentials like shampoo, soap, lotions and more. Keep a clean and reliable stack of towels readily available for any of their needs. Look for durable towels made from quality cotton such as Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton towels and washcloths will keep your guests dry and comfortable for a more pleasant experience. 

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Personal Touches & Accessories

Tailor the guest bedroom to your guests' preferences, if possible. For instance, if you know their favorite snacks or drinks, consider leaving a small basket of treats on the nightstand as a thoughtful gesture. Or perhaps provide additional throws, blankets and pillows so they can have their best rest each and every sleep.

Shop Guest Bedroom Essentials with Pure Parima

From 100% Egyptian cotton sheets to inserts and protectors, find all of your favorite bedding needs whether you’re getting ready to host guests this holiday season or upgrading your own personal oasis. Create an experience your family and friends will be grateful for this holiday. Stay tuned for all things Pure Parima when you sign up for our newsletter and take our quiz for a personalized recommendation.

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