Employee Highlight of the Month: Siobhan, Customer Service Lead

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Say hello to Siobhan, our Head of Customer Service! An employee who wears many hats, Siobhan is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers every day. We are honored to have chosen Siobhan as our employee highlight of the month and are grateful to have her on the team! 

Name: Siobhan
Job Title: Customer Service Lead

Started working at Pure Parima: January 2022

Provide a brief bio on what you're proud to have accomplished since working here and what's in store for your future projects. I am proud to say our customer service reviews have skyrocketed, and in-store ordering has increased 460% since I joined the team. I look forward to expanding the team and helping even more customers!

What do you love most about what you do at Pure Parima? I love helping explain why our sheets are the best in the industry, and the education along with the real-life reviews.

What's your most memorable customer experience? I love when customers will call or email me to say, "Thank you!" My most memorable is when a customer asked if he could show me his bed and bedroom, and I helped pick everything out for him. I asked a few questions and used the photos as a guide. He needed 2 sets of sheets, a duvet cover set, an insert, and 2 new pillows. When he got everything, he told me it was absolutely perfect!

How would you describe Pure Parima's company culture? I love the family atmosphere.

How would your colleagues describe you? I hope they describe me as funny or always with a smile.

What else besides really good sleep are you passionate about? My cats! Trikey has been photographed several times for Pure Parima!

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

What is your favorite Pure Parima product?  Yalda is my favorite. I am a big fan of the Soft Peach color, but I have 6 other colors as well.

What is one word you would use to describe Pure Parima? Authentic.

Are you looking forward to any upcoming products Pure Parima is launching? I am excited about the robes!

Do you have any pets? If so, what's their name(s) and where do they sleep? I have Simon and Trikey, my cats. They hang out on the bed with us sometimes, but they prefer non-human beds.

Do you really notice a difference in your sleep on Pure Parima sheets? Absolutely! That's why I have so many sets!

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  • Joy

    Siobhan is the best of the best. Her expertise is demonstrated in all that she does. Congratulations on employee recognition 👏

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