Do Egyptian Cotton Sheets Wrinkle?

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Wondering what sheet fabric is best for your family? There’s a reason selective shoppers choose Egyptian cotton over other bedding materials on the market. Featuring extra-long staple fibers picked by hand in the Nile River Valley, Egyptian cotton has a structure that makes it both softer and stronger than the competition. To that end, your Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases will hold up for years without fraying, pilling, or tearing.

Endlessly indulgent, Egyptian cotton fibers produce a more delightful end result and inspire you to cuddle up with your bedding for years to come. Still, the luxurious comfort of this material does make it more prone to wrinkling than other fabrics, though this quality tends to be short lived. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce wrinkles and ensure your Egyptian cotton bedding remains smooth and silky for the long haul. Read on for details.

Get to Know Egyptian Cotton

The pureness of Egyptian cotton makes it softer, stronger, and more healthful than other bedding options. However, the lack of synthetics also means that new Egyptian cotton sheets tend to wrinkle more than the competition. While it’s natural to want smooth, wrinkle-free sheets, the good news is that Egyptian cotton typically loses its wrinkles with time. Moreover, higher-thread count sheets generally suffer less wrinkling than those with lower counts.  

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It’s worth noting that some companies utilize anti-wrinkling chemicals or artificial softeners to smooth out their Egyptian cotton bedding. However, at Pure Parima, we take pride in announcing that all our products are certified by OEKO-TEX® for our use of non-harmful chemicals. Our goal is to provide you with sheets that are as pure as the long-staple cotton fibers we picked in Egypt, so you can feel good about where your family members are laying their heads. Over time, your sheets will only increase in softness and smoothness thanks to the pressure of your body. However, if you want your bedding to smooth out faster, there are some tips and tricks to try.

Combat Wrinkling with These Tips

Ironing your Egyptian cotton sheets is one of the easiest ways to keep them smooth no matter how often you roll around in the night. To protect this high-end bedding, start by spraying your sheets until slightly damp. We recommend using distilled water and turning your iron to the cotton setting. Doing this will help ensure your Egyptian cotton looks its absolute best. 

Prefer not to iron your sheets? Avoid this arduous task by removing wrinkles with the dryer. While line drying is ideal for Egyptian cotton bedding, it’s safe to dry your sheets and duvet covers on the low heat setting. For best results, remove your sheets from the dryer as soon as they’re ready so any creases won’t have the chance to set.

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Practicing good laundry etiquette is also important if you hope to keep your sheets wrinkle free. We recommend that you refrain from overfilling both washer and dryer, as cramming your linens can cause them to wrinkle. For best results, stick to one sheet set at a go.

The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets for Reducing Wrinkles

Crisp and cooling, percale sheets lose their tendency to wrinkle the longer you use them. As a result, they’re a great option for those seeking a high-quality sheet that’s also ultra cooling. We love the sleek matte finish of our Ultra Percale Sheet Set. Part of the Hotel Collection, this delightful bedding option comes in both White and Carbon and is available in sizes twin through California King. It’s the ideal choice for hot sleepers and anyone seeking the type of bedding experience found in a five-star hotel.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets ultra percale

Slightly heavier and softer to the touch than percale, sateen boasts a smooth texture that’s less prone to wrinkling. So if you want a sheet set that looks perfect every time you lay it on the bed, sateen is a natural choice. We’re especially enamored with these Triple Luxe Sateen Sheets, courtesy of the Hotel Collection. This elegant bedding set is made with long-staple Egyptian cotton and sumptuous triple embroidered stitching. Sleek and opaque, it comes in a range of on-trend shades including Arctic, Gold, Teal, Nickel and Black.

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Discover the Joy of Pure Egyptian Cotton

Pure Parima customers know that choosing this brand over the competition comes with numerous perks. Along with the softest 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets, you’ll enjoy free U.S. shipping and returns, sustainable hand gift wrapping, and trusted customer care. Rest assured knowing your sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers will hold up for years to come without ever losing their softness. Shop online today and experience the Pure Parima difference firsthand.

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