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If you’re in the market for new sheets, then the odds are you’re familiar with the term thread count. Referring to the number of threads making up a square inch of fabric, thread count ranges from as low as 200 to as high as 1500 or more. Because of vague and misleading marketing tactics, shoppers often assume that a high thread count correlates with sheets of superior quality. On the contrary, other factors like fabric type and weave have a much more profound effect on sheet softness and durability. Read on for help finding the best thread count for your sheets along with details on how Egyptian cotton sheets stand out from the pack.

Misleading Manufacturer Tricks

Think those 1000-thread count sheets are the best option for comfort and quality? You might want to reconsider. The truth is that fitting more than 800 threads into a given square inch of fabric is actually impossible. In order to confuse shoppers and inflate their counts, some brands use multiple-ply rather than single-ply yarn. 

Made from two or three smaller threads of fabric twisted together, multi-ply yarns result in lower-quality sheets than those made with single-ply yarn. Additionally, sheets made with two-ply or three-ply yarn are generally regarded as less durable and rougher to the touch. The end result is that these sheets may scratch or accumulate moisture in the night. On the other hand, sheets woven with single-ply yarn are more likely to last for years and feel like silk against your skin.

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What is the Best Thread Count for Sheets?

With so much confusion surrounding thread count, it can be hard to find the best bedding for your family. To start, it’s a good idea to avoid any sheets claiming a thread count over 800, as it’s simply impossible to fit this many fibers on a loom. Additionally, you should avoid those 200-thread count sheets, as they might not be quite as soft. For a truly luxurious night’s sleep, aim to buy sheets with a count between 300 and 500. This is generally considered the sweet spot for thread count.

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Choosing the Most Luxurious Bedding

When it comes to choosing the best bedding, thread count tends to get all the glory. However, the truth is that other factors play an equally if not more important role in determining sheet quality. If you’re passionate about getting a good night’s rest, pay attention to your bedding’s fiber content. Generally regarded as the softest option, long-staple Egyptian cotton feels like silk to the touch and is less likely to pill or tear than other materials. Referring to an exclusive variety of cotton picked by hand in Egypt’s Nile River Valley, Egyptian cotton is prized for its extra-long staple fibers that resist breaking or bending. So, you can feel confident that this bedding option will last for years to come.

Additionally, those seeking a superior sheet should avoid blended materials. Although they tend to cost less than pure cotton, polyester blends don’t feel as natural to the touch. Additionally, blends have a habit of holding in moisture, making them a problematic choice for hot sleepers and those burdened by skin allergies. 

Of course, it’s not just material that matters when it comes to bedding. The way your sheets are constructed can also have a profound effect on how they feel against your skin. If you love a crisp, clean-feeling sheet, opt for bedding with a percale weave. On the other hand, those for whom softness reigns supreme should choose bedding with a smooth sateen construction.

Shop the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets at Pure Parima

When it comes to the best thread count for sheets, Egyptian cotton is an unparalleled choice. At Pure Parima, we craft all our sheets and pillowcases using 100 percent Egyptian Cotton fibers that were hand picked in the Nile River Valley. In fact, every one of our bedding products bears the coveted Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval. Not only are Egyptian cotton sheets softer and stronger than the competition, but they’re also moisture wicking, making them a great choice for sleepers with sensitive skin. Shop our selection online today and start getting more rest this year.

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