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The bedroom occupies a special place in our homes and our lives. Far more than a place to sleep, a bedroom acts as a place for reading, watching TV, studying, and cuddling with that special someone. It’s a sanctuary and a spot to relax and recharge after a stressful day. Unfortunately, without proper care and cleaning, your bedroom can also become host to bacteria and allergens. In fact, one study revealed that the skin cells you shed while sleeping is enough to feed thousands of bed mites for up to a month! The good news is you can take steps to keep your bed and bedding clean. With a few crucial changes, you can minimize dust, debris, and bacteria while protecting your health for the long haul. Keep reading to learn more tips on preserving your bedding and discover the best products currently available at Pure Parima. 

Duvet Cover

One of the best ways to keep your bedding clean is to protect items that can’t be easily washed. That’s where duvet covers come in. Fabric bags, duvet covers do for duvets what pillowcases do for pillows. In other words, a duvet cover protects your duvet from dust, dirt, oils, stains, and spills. This is especially important, as many duvets have to be cleaned professionally at the dry cleaner. Additionally, it can keep your duvet from catching on something and snagging. 

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

For a cooling duvet cover that’s perfect for all seasons, we recommend our Yalda Duvet Cover Set. Crafted from 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton, this luxurious collection features hand-picked fibers and extra-soft double-hem stitching. Shoppers can choose from a wide range of shades including new colors Olive and Canyon. Yalda Egyptian cotton sheets are available for an added cost and sets come with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two matching pillowcases. Opt for the same color or mix it up for a more modern bedroom look. 

Mattress Pad

It’s no secret that mattresses represent a large purchase for most people. In fact, it’s not uncommon to spend $2,000 or more on a quality queen-sized mattress and box spring. Moreover, it’s easy for a mattress to sustain damage from allergens, dust, and spills. The good news is a mattress pad can keep your mattress looking and feeling better for longer. As a bonus, you’re likely to sleep better as you can wash your mattress pad regularly to eliminate dust and allergens. Mattress pads are also a good choice for use in guest rooms and kids' rooms. 

Pillow Covers

Your pillow is arguably the item that collects the most dirt and dander out of all your bedding. After all, it’s the spot where you lay your head every night. A pillow cover is key to protecting your pillow (which may not be machine washable) along with your hair and complexion. Simply toss your case in the wash whenever it starts to get oily. 

pure parima egyptian cotton pillowcases

If you tend to sleep hot – or simply appreciate the feel of a cool, crisp pillowcase against your sleep – we recommend trying our Ultra Percale Pillow Case Set. Part of the Hotel Collection, these cases are made from 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton and come in shades of White, Carbon, Slate, and Bone. They’re available in sizes standard and king. With an ultra-matte and super-cooling finish, these cases will make you feel as though you’re spending the night in a luxury hotel. 

Machine Washable Bedding

Customers can feel confident knowing that the Egyptian cotton bedding they purchase at Pure Parima is machine washable. For best results, launder your sheets and pillowcases using cool water and a gentle detergent. We recommend washing on the delicate cycle and avoiding harsh substances like bleaches or fabric softeners. You can hang your bedding on the line or dry it in the machine. Aim to remove your bedding from the machine just before it’s fully dry and stow it in a box or fabric pouch when not in use. 

When washing your bedding, we recommend separating your sheets and pillowcases from your other laundry. Otherwise, the high-end Egyptian cotton can catch on zippers and snaps. The goal is to take care of your bedding so it lasts for years and maintains its softness. 

Find the Perfect Pillowcases and More at Pure Parima

As the holidays approach, it’s a great time to upgrade your bedding. Fortunately, Pure Parima is offering an array of deals in time for the holidays. Check out our gift guide for our suggestions for 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and more. You can also opt to give Pure Parima products to loved ones. Note that each purchase comes complete with free U.S. shipping, hand-written gift notes, and sustainable packaging. We look forward to helping you get more rest. 

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