Bedroom Design Trends for 2022

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It is never too early to get your space ready for the next year. We want to help you start planning now to ensure you are the first in the know. The vibe for 2022 will be cozy and comfortable with a warm essence. For 2022 we will be focused on keeping your space classically minimal with a sophisticated flair. Keep reading to be a trendsetter all year.

Upgrade Your Bed

With a simplistic and warm modern approach- try raising your mattress onto a sleek podium for a sophisticated urban feel. Enhance your bed with a Grey Yalda Sheet Set; these 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton Sheets will transform an outdated space into the embodiment of classic grandeur and elegance. Pair the soft double hemmed sheets with the Charcoal Yalda Duvet Set for a sophisticated ambiance. The calmness of clouds will be brought to your bed with the soft hand-spun 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton Fibers immersing your body for a restful night of sleep.

Invest in Modern Furniture

The magic doesn’t end at your bed; if you truly want to embody the trendsetter spirit, it is essential to add distinct focal pieces of furniture to your bedroom. Remain ahead of the game by opting for a curved headboard with a tall silhouette. Adding a large headboard in a monochromatic color scheme will pair beautifully with the Charcoal Yalda Duvet Set from Pure Parima and give you a modern sophistication that everyone will be dying to achieve.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton duvet cover set

Get Your Lighting Right

Gone are the days of the traditional ceiling light. It is time for you to invest in hanging lights. We have seen an uptick in the desire for matching wall lights alongside bedframes this year, and this trend will undoubtedly continue into 2022. Additionally, the next year will be all about maximizing your space. Wall lights will make this easily achievable as they allow you to free up floor space quickly. Shop for wall lights with a pearl appeal as these will elegantly enhance your luxurious Yalda Egyptian Cotton Bedding. Pro tip: Lights that shine upwards give the allusion of a high ceiling and spacious bedroom.

Finally Add Your Accent Color

Now that you’ve upgraded your bed and perfected your lighting, we must add an exquisitely trendy accent color to pair with your greyscale Grey Yalda Sheet Set. For the upcoming year, we recommend adding a regally royal blue accent to your bedroom. If you feel incredibly daring, whip out your paint roller and create a royal blue accent wall behind your monochromatic bed. For a softer approach, try removing your blinds and adding royal blue bedroom curtains. If you have wood flooring, warm up the room with a beautiful regal blue throw rug.

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Stay Trendy with Us

At Pure Parima, we strive to ensure you remain ahead of the curve with all of the latest bedding trends in stock. Make sure you never miss a beat and always receive our exclusive offers by subscribing to our email newsletter.

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