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Next time you are shopping for bedding, you may want to consider springing for luxury Egyptian Cotton linen. You will be doing yourself a favor if you invest in 100% certified Egyptian Cotton Sheets. The ultra-soft but durable yarn will cultivate smooth bedding for the night of rest you deserve. Keep reading to learn why Egyptian Cotton bedding is an essential investment for your sleep quality.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets Become Softer with Age

Arguably one of the most prestigious features of Premium Egyptian Cotton, it becomes softer with laundering. Thoroughly washing Egyptian Cotton Sheets softens the plush fiber for lasting comfort. This bedding is excellent for those interested in long-term investment. You will not have to replace luxury Egyptian Cotton sheets like regular cotton sheets that do not improve over time. Instead, putting your money into Egyptian cotton bedding will ensure the quality of your sleep will only get better over time.

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Egyptian Cotton Sheets are Highly Durable

Thankfully Egyptian Cotton is a type of long-staple cotton; these extra-long fibers add strength and durability. In addition, Egyptian threads are more delicate than that of average cotton, giving the sumptuous sheets an ultra-soft feel. When handled with care, 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton sheets can last for decades, making them a luxurious investment that will stand the test of time.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are Cooling

If you are a hot sleeper who wakes up with night sweats or longs for the perfect summer sheet set, Egyptian Cotton's sweat-wicking properties make them the ideal luxury sheets for you. Immerse yourself in lightweight and crisp sheets that provide a cooling touch on your skin. Our 100% Ultra Percale Sheet Set from the Hotel Collection provides an elegant matte finish that will bring an air of calm to your sleep space. This Ultra Percale sheet set is exceptionally crisp and supercooling, perfect for luxurious hotel investment.

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Egyptian Cotton is Handpicked

Pure Parima's Egyptian Cotton is handpicked in Egypt along the Nile River Valley, where luxurious, long-staple cotton has been utilized for the past 140 years. Handpicked Egyptian Cotton ensures no stress on the fibers and that they remain fully intact. This method is why our Egyptian Cotton Sheets are lusciously soft and incredibly durable. In addition, handpicked long-staple cotton threads improve in quality as they age for timeless luxury and comfort. At Pure Parima, it is of absolute importance that our sheets maintain their integrity as you rest while engulfing you in comfort for a blissful night of sleep.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets are Safe for Your Skin

Egyptian Cotton bedding is perfect for problematic skin, unlike traditional cotton, which can retain moisture and cause skin-irritating friction. Egyptian Cotton Sheets help prevent irritation with their ultra-smooth finish, ensuring no scratching at the skin’s surface or moisture barrier. Egyptian Cotton also provides a cooling effect giving a soothing feel to those with irritated skin.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets triple luxe sateen

Behind Pure Parima

All Pure Parima products are environmentally conscious, natural, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. Pure Parima is proud to have 100% certifiable Egyptian Cotton to gift you the night of rest you deserve.

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