5 Ways You Can Use Your Old Sheets This Halloween

pure parima ways to use old sheets for halloween

It’s finally spooky season and what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by letting your creative juices flow. Replacing your old sheets with Pure Parima Certified Egyptian cotton bedding can give you a fun opportunity this October! Believe it or not, your old, ratty sheets that have been collecting dust in the linen closet can be of great use this fall season whether you’re staying in for a night of scary fun or trick-or-treating with friends. Read on to discover five spine-chilling ways you can use your old sheets this Halloween, courtesy of the Pure Parima team.

Ghost Costume

This one's sure to get you in the Halloween spirit as people have been doing this for years. Simple, yet classic, you can’t go wrong with throwing a sheet over your head and screaming boo! Just cut out two holes for your eyes and voila! Get creative and add some artistic flare to create a ghost costume that is truly you. You’re sure to get a scream with this classic option!

Pillowcase Trick-or-Treat Bag

You may have heard of this one before but why not make it interesting this year and decorate your pillowcase to match your costume! Think of it as a canvas that can become an accessory to your costume. For example, if you’re a pirate, make it your bag of loot! Now you can trick-or-treat around the neighborhood with your candy bag and costume accessory all in one!

pure parima pillowcase trick or treat bag


Hint: Choose a king-size pillowcase so you can collect the most candy possible!

“Floating Ghosts” Decoration

Looking for a more decorative route that can give your neighbors a fright this Halloween night? Pick up a couple of decent-sized styrofoam balls and grab an old pillowcase. Throw the pillowcase over the styrofoam and gather the fabric at the “neck” to tie, leaving the open side of the pillowcase hanging downward. That’s it! Now just draw some eyes and glue a piece of string to the head and you can hang your ghost friend wherever he belongs. Make one or a dozen! These DIY ghosts are easy and affordable and can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Mummy Costume

So maybe a ghost isn’t the right costume for you. No need to fret! Cut an old flat sheet up into medium-width, long strips and wrap them around your entire body, and pin them for that traditional mummy look. Be messy with it and let the loose ends hang out for a more realistic appearance. Any pills, tears, and frays from these old bedsheets will emphasize the aged look even more! Try adding brown paint streaks to the sheets to create an even more antique mummy look. 

Tablecloth for Halloween Crafting Activities

Are you planning on pumpkin carving this year? How about making haunted gingerbread houses? Don’t forget to grab an old sheet first to protect your table from any scrapes, scratches, or dents. Since they are thicker and more durable than disposable plastic tablecloths, sheets can provide more protection when using sharp objects like a carving knife. When you’re finished, grab the edges of the sheet and fold upwards and inwards collecting any trash such as leftover crumbs or pumpkin seeds. Then just roll it up and toss! For extra protection, try using an old fitted sheet to stretch over the sides of the table, this way your tablecloth won’t move or slide while you’re crafting. 

pure parima ways to use sheets for halloween

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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