What Sheets Do the World's Best 7-Star Hotels Use?

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

World travelers and hotel aficionados alike may be familiar with an institution known as the Signiel Seoul. Located in a nearly 2000-foot tower in Seoul, South Korea, it holds the distinction of being the country’s first seven-star hotel. If this term is confusing to you, you’re not alone. Officially, hotels tend to be rated between one and five stars. However, certain hotels offering the most high-end and luxurious amenities have started dubbing themselves as seven-star facilities. 

So, what do the world’s most impressive hotels have to offer their guests? At the Signiel Seoul, visitors have access to helicopter transfers, an Evian spa, and giant swimming pools. Additionally, the rooms are outfitted with luxury hotel sheets and blankets to ensure you can rest easy throughout your stay. Keep reading for the answer to the question of what sheets do the world’s best seven-star hotels use in their accommodations.

Bedding in 7-Star Hotels

It’s no surprise that the best hotels in the world offer guests the best Egyptian cotton sheets. Not only is Egyptian cotton more breathable than other materials, meaning sleepers stay cool and dry throughout the night, but it also feels silky against the skin and resists pilling and tearing. After all, luxury hotel sheets undergo a great deal of washing, and it’s important to know they won’t fall apart in the laundry or get rough to the touch. 

Typically, the best Egyptian cotton sheets feature thread counts between 350 and 800. That’s because it’s literally impossible to fit more than 800 threads in a square inch of fabric. While some less ethical businesses claim to sell sheets with higher thread counts, they do this by weaving multiple short-staple fibers together. The end result is a lower quality sheet that’s prone to ripping and feels less pleasant on the skin. For the best night’s sleep at home or in a hotel, opt for 100% Certified Giza Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Additionally, most luxury hotel sheets are white. While there’s nothing to indicate that white sheets are softer, they do tend to give guests the feeling that they’re sleeping on a cloud. If you want the hotel experience at home, clean white or neutral-colored sheets are a natural choice.

Hotel Collection Sateen

When it comes to luxury hotel sheets, it’s hard to beat Hotel Collection bedding. Made from extra-long Giza Egyptian cotton fibers, our Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set features a sumptuously soft hand feel and exquisite baratta embroidery. Luxe and supple, these sheets feel like silk, making them a logical choice for those with sensitive skin. And of course, Egyptian cotton is highly breathable, so you don’t have to worry about waking up soaked in sweat. Choose from multiple striping options, including ocean, graphite, and white.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Hotel Collection Percale

For those who prefer the feel of percale, our Hotel Collection Ultra Percale Sheet Set is a natural choice. Boasting a crisp matte finish, percale has a cooling quality that makes it a great option for sleepers who tend to get hot in the night. And because the set features Giza Egyptian cotton sheets made from extra-long fibers from the Nile River Valley, customers can feel confident that it’ll hold up through hundreds of washes. This sophisticated set is available in both white and charcoal and comes in a range of sizes, from twin to California king. Regal and modern, this bedding option is guaranteed to please.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Giza Egyptian Cotton Sheets

One of our best-selling sheet sets, the Yalda Collection is also perfect for consumers seeking a luxurious hotel experience in the privacy of their own home. Boasting 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases, the Yalda set is manufactured using hand-picked fibers and certified non-harmful chemicals. The end result is a sateen weave that feels like silk and keeps you cool on even the hottest of nights. There’s a reason that Tuck.com selected the Yalda Sheet set as its Editor’s Pick for best Egyptian cotton sheets. In particular, Tuck notes the brand’s breathability and comfort compared to the competition.

Luxury Coverlets and Quilts

Of course, so-called seven-star hotels offer their guests a lot more than sheets. For truly exceptional accommodations, blankets and other bedding are just as important if not more so. If you want to make your bedroom feel more like a high-end hotel, consider adding a luxury coverlet made from Egyptian cotton. The good news is Pure Parima is proud to offer cooling, silky-soft coverlets featuring a pleasingly pretty petite diamond pattern. As a bonus, this coverlet is reversible and comes complete with matching shams with a sateen pillow back. The gentle weight of this blanket will help lull you to sleep while the sleek appearance adds beauty and interest to your decor.

Find the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets at Pure Parima

One of the many ways in which Pure Parima differs from the competition is that we manufacture our products without harmful chemicals or substances. That means you can rest assured knowing your family is sleeping on safe, high-quality Giza Egyptian cotton sheets. For a soft, worry-free night’s rest, shop the Pure Parima collection today.

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