The Difference Between Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheets?

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets


When it comes to durability, cotton sheets have always excelled and been praised for their performance to last for decades. Egyptian cotton specifically lasts for a longer time and is a much stronger cotton type due to their fibers. Due to the fibers greater length and density, it allows the Egyptian cotton sheets to be much stronger in return than any other forms of cotton to have a more consistent finish. 

Bamboo sheets with proper care can maintain a similar durability, but the texture tends to become more coarse after wear. In comparison to Egyptian cotton which has the adverse effect and gets softer over time.

Thread Count

Thread count inquires the amount of threads found in one square inch of fabric. With a higher thread count, the fabric can get denser and warmer, but an excess amount of threads can decrease the breathability of a sheet set. Typically among all materials, a thread count between 200-700 can be found. A greatly high thread count can also be a slight warning to shoppers, due to manufacturers falsely leading their sources to use this as an opportunity to deceive their customers. An example of this was found in certain bamboo bed sheet companies who claimed a higher thread count, which possibly entailed a blend used (primarily microfibers with a small percentage of bamboo viscose) of the fabric and a cheaper quality. Similarly, with Egyptian cotton certain manufacturers will claim false verification. It is important to see if there is an authentic seal from the Cotton Egypt Association which indicates that the sheets have been made with 100% Egyptian cotton.


The manufacturing processes for both materials are on the more environmentally friendly end, however as mentioned above, companies will falsely advertise their products for their benefit. One cheap and commonly used method to produce bamboo sheets uses harsh and toxic chemical solvents, and they typically require more water and pesticides for the cultivation of the bamboo.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Therefore, checking to make sure if a brand is openly verified with a proper seal, like with Egyptian cotton, is highly important. In order to insure that your investment is the real deal and create this genuine sleep sanctuary, the sourcing of these bedding sheet companies should be transparent and blatant for your benefit. Such as brands comparable to Pure Parima, that thrive for sustainability and devoid the use of non-toxic or dangerous materials to ensure the utmost importance in products for their customers.

Temperature Regulation

If you are a hot sleeper, overheat at night, or are prone to night sweats, Egyptian cotton sheets would be most preferable due to their efficient absorbency of moisture, and intermediate thread count variations that add to its breathability. Egyptian cotton sheets excel in temperature regulation year round allowing for heat to dissipate in the sweltering months, and insulate for warmth during colder weather. Bamboo sheets similarly provide the cooling effect of Egyptian cotton bedding with small gaps within the fabric, but in return the fabric is more cooler to the touch.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets


With higher quality bedding, the care for each of these types of sheets is further attentive. In the event of improper care, overtime bamboo sheets may notably wrinkle and appear worn out after a few months. However, after every wash Egyptian cotton sheets carry the promise of enhancing softness and comfortability making the contribution to your bedding worth it!

Overall, we believe you are getting the best of both worlds with Egyptian cotton; the super silky feel of bamboo with all of the great moisture wicking abilities that only natural cotton can give. Ultimately it is up to you, the customer! Each has provided many great benefits to the table, but as Socrates once said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. No matter which choice you make, create your sleep sanctuary today to work towards an exceptional tomorrow and celebrate your hard work with this venture because you have earned it!

Shop Pure Parima today for extraordinary selections with a variety of options from color, feel, thread count, design and more await you!

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